SOPW Expresses Shock Over Genocidal Cop Who Killed 83 Sikh Youth

Surjit has alleged he acted under orders of senior Police Officers

LONDON, UK—The Sikh Organization for Prisoner Welfare (SOPW) has expressed shock over the recent statement by Punjab police officer Surjit “Singh” for openly confessing to murdering eighty-three Sikhs in false police encounters during the late eighties and early nineties.  In an interview with Day and Night News, Surjit said that the killings were a direct order from then senior police officers.

SOPW states:  “Although most educated Sikhs are already aware of the policy that was undertaken by the Government at the time, the culprits have not yet been brought to justice. ”

SOPW posted that “Surjit’s chilling confession has enraged many Sikhs and it cannot be denied that his evidence may be just what we need to take us closer to our ultimate goal; recognition of the ‘Genocide of Sikhs’ by the Indian government.”

“We have no doubt that if this matter is dealt with properly it will open what is in fact a can of worms for the Indian Government and as such we feel it is vital that Surjit Singh is given every possible protection as he is fearful that he will now also be killed by K.P. Gill who was in charge of Punjab Police when the killing sprees were at their peak.  In light of this, SOPW has contacted Surjit’s representatives and offered whatever assistance is necessary for his safety while he gives evidence that attempts to bring justice to Sikhs.”


  1. Sikhs who love india should head back to their hindustian, and sikh who want khalistian are stateless can livein the west and are safe from burning india flag and voice the truth without disappearing like they do in india, a land of shit and b.s

  2. Surjit Singh is guilty of murdering the Sikhs and also of not objecting to an unlawful order. He must be provided all necessary protection for his testimony. He should also be tried for his crimes!!


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