Op/Ed – Should Sikhs join “Peace” Talks with Indian Overseas Congress?

demolished_Akal_takhatIndian Overseas Congress, a party that supports the Congress (I) India has issued a correspondence seeking roundtable talks with pro-Khalistanis living in the US and Canada.  In an article published online, the IOC stated that it wishes to take a “fresh approach to the mindset and thoughts of Khalistan supporters.”

The party president Vikram Bajwa held that Freedom of Speech was an absolute right of all those living in the United States and Canada.  Bajwa further alleged that roundtable talks would “improve the political thoughts which promote goodwill and integrity of India, we’re most willing to hold such a conference”.

As per the correspondence, the invitation has already been seen to the following Sikh organizations:

  • Khalistan Affairs Council
  • Dashmesh Darbar (Surrey)
  • Sikhs For Justice
  • World Sikh Council
  • Canadian Sikh Council

Although no time or date has been suggested, it was stated that a meeting could be organized in Seattle, WA.

The dream of a separate homeland has been carried on despite the bloodshed that continued in Punjab for over two decades.  Sikhs living in the West have continued to show support for a Sikh state.  Sikhs in Punjab, overtime have also expressed fury over discriminatory policies of the Indian Government towards the Sikhs.

The recent programs organized at Sri Akal Takht Sahib during the anniversary of Operation Blue Star leave no doubt that Khalistan is still a dream of tens of thousands of Sikhs living in Punjab and abroad.  Similar programs were organized at places like Damdami Taksal Headquarters and they equally shocked the Punjab Government.

Sikh24 wishes to raise the following questions to the IOC to seek clarification over their proposed “roundtable talks”:

  1. Despite there being key evidence against many top-notch Congress leaders, why have the culprits not been brought to justice for their role in the 1984 Sikh Genocide?
  2. Why has the Indian Government not tendered an apology for launching an attack on the Harmandir Sahib, the most sacred Sikh shrine?
  3. Why has the Indian Army not returned the valuable and historical scriptures it acquired from the Sikh Reference Library during Operation Blue Star?
  4. Why has there been no action against terrorizing parties including the Shiv Sena, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and others.  Why are Sikh freedom seeking organizations treated as “terrorists” while these radicals are treated as “Desh Bhagats”?
  5. Why are thousands of innocent Sikhs (including women) lodged in various jails throughout India?  Why has there been no disclosure of the number of Sikhs imprisoned throughout India?
  6. Punjab has been made to suffer by taking away much of its land and waters.  Why has the Government continued such grave injustice to the Punjabi people?
  7. Why has the Anandpur Sahib resolution still ignored?

The Sikh Nation, along with other minorities, has continued to face discrimination in India, regardless of which party is in power.  Sikhs made the most sacrifices during India’s struggle for Independence, but when Sikhs stood for their own rights, they were labeled as terrorists.  Sikhs have been alienated in India ever since it gained independence.

The likes of Jawaharlal Nehru, Chandu Lal Trivedi and Mohandas Gandhi promised an independent Sikh state in the free India, but post-independence, they cleverly turned their backs against the Sikhs.

The Anandpur Sahib resolution too speaks about the injustices against the Sikh Nation.  The resolution pressed for both religious and political concerns of the Sikhs.  To this day, the Government has ignored the demands of the Sikhs.  Shortly after the resolution, the Nirankari cult in India, backed by the Punjab Government, opened fire on innocent Sikhs, killing thirteen on the spot.  Thousands of Sikhs were killed as a result of the “bullet for bullet” policy of the Government, while many more were killed in fake encounters.

We wish to ask the IOC on what basis they are seeking to open talks with the Khalistanis when grave injustices have been allowed against the Sikhs in India?  Until India is willing to treat the Sikhs and other minorities as equal citizens and give them the dignity they deserve, such talks would be nothing short of a mockery.  For any Sikh organization to accept such invitations would be like sprinkling salt on the wounds of Sikh Nation.


  1. Isn’t Vikram Bajwa the same guy who accused some Sikh politicians in Canada of being Pakistani spies without any proof?

    Also,please Blue Star was not an attack just on Harmander Sahib. Over 30 other Gurdwaras were attacked at the same time including outside of Punjab. I heard at eye winess at one Patiala Gurdwara talking about being hidden and seeing the army take bodies in garbage trucks of worshippers who had come there, in Patiala. It was a blow against the entire Sikh people. Don’t forget the other Gurdwaras attacked at the same time.

  2. Mr. Johal is showing his ignorance.

    What give Mr. VIKRAM BAJWA any authority to speak on behalf of INDIAN CONGRESS PARTY OR GOVT. ????



    ALL SIKH GROUPS must get togethers and speak with one voice under the banner of Khalsa Panth and fight against the injustice.

  3. @ k. jOHAL

    Sikhism is about equality among all others. We have been doing that all along but how long ? Enough is Enough. We suffer and take all the damage , yet we dont have the right to speak about it ? Its not about getting another country. Its respect among us , our community & Gurus. If you are referring to people abroad. They are the one keeping sikhism alive. Look @ punjab right now.. Each village has 1 person dead per month on OD of drugs? How are drugs only effecting Punjab ? No other border states ? Why is it that sikhs get shot @ during public protests ?

    Sikhs are getting out of India b/c INDIA never respected Sikhs. Read History. Check your facts.

    We are not looking for country, we are looking for same rights as everyone else. RESPECT. You cannot take our HONOUR and PRIDE away from us by just pointing out khalistan.

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa,
    Waheguru ji ke Fateh.

  4. Get a life , Sikhism never promoted an independent country based on religion, we were meant to unite and live amongst others. Khalsa was a state of mind not a country with borders. Khalistan is against the pure teachings. Do not unsettle the SIKHS across India. If you want an independent Sikh state , make one in U.K or Canada.

    • Apparently you have forgotten all about Banda Singh Bahadur being instructed by Guru Gobind Singh to defeat the Mughal Empire seated in Delhi. If Sikhs weren’t meant to create their own country, why was Banda Singh instructed to defeat the kingdom of his times?

      You also seem to forget the creation of Misls and the subsequent creation of the Sikh Kingdom by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

      Read your own history please before making ignorant statements.

    • This is an ignorant comment. In case u dont know sikhs did have their own nation under maharaja ranjit singh. Their land was taken away from them under the british and from sikh land was crested much of india and pakistan. Their land should be given back to them. Their is no esy to justify the human rights violations against sikhs in india. Much of it is their land. Siks have suffered more under indian/hindu rule than they did undrr british rule. We deserve our land back. To this day sikhs have not signed indian constitution. Educste yourself on history.


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