Sikh Genocide Case: High Court Reserves Decision on Sajjan Kumar

sajjan_kumarNEW DELHI—After hearing arguments from both parties, the Delhi High Court Judge Suresh Kaith has reserved its order in the 1984 Sikh genocide case.

Justice HS Phoolka argued that Sajjan Kumar was responsible for instigating a mob that killed many Sikhs in a block of Sultanpuri.  Whereas Defence Lawyer Anil Kumar Sharma denied all the charges saying that Sajjan Kumar was not present on the scene.

Earlier Sajjan Kumar had challenged a lower court’s decision in High Court when he along with 5 others was pressed with charges of killing Surjeet Singh in the Sultanpuri area.  The charges were pressed by victim Sheela Kaur who filed a petition in  the High Court accusing Sajjan Kumar for conspiring the killings of her family members.  The case was registered under Nanawati Commisson and a charge sheet was presented to the court by CBI in 2010.


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