Elderly Sikh Man Still in Critical Condition After Brutal Attack

Piara Singh was brutally attacked yesterday morning in Fresno

FRESNO, California, USA—Kewal Singh, son of Bhai Piara Singh has said that his father’s condition has improved since last night, however it is still critical.  The attacker apparently hit Piara Singh multiple times on the head with a heavy iron rod.  Piara Singh had tried to escape, however the attacker brutally carried on multiple strikes to keep the 82 year old man grounded.

Piara Singh had suffered severe injuries to his head and was left unconscious after the attack.  This morning his condition was said to have improved as he spoke a little with his son.

The attack took place yesterday morning around 7 AM when Piara Singh was heading towards his home after finishing some daily chores.  His son Kewal was on his way to pick him up.

Since the attack on Piara Singh, Gurdwara Nanaksar has received visits by multiple news agencies to inquire about the incident.  An important meeting has been called at Gurdwara Nanaksar by community leaders at 6 PM to discuss this case.  Fresno county and police department officials are expected to attend as well.

Address: 3060 S Cherry Ave Fresno, CA 93706 (map)


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