Elderly Sikh Man Brutally Attacked in Fresno, California

Editor’s Note: A meeting has been called at Gurdwara Nanaksar (Cherry Rd) tomorrow to discuss this matter further with local authorities.

2013-03-13-hateFRESNO, California, USA—Sikh24 has learned that an elderly Sikh man from Fresno, CA became the target of a hate crime outside Gurdwara Nanaksar, Cherry Road. Bhai Piara Singh is a volunteer at the Gurdwara and performs daily chores there.

The incident took place just outside the premises of Gurdwara Nanaksar when Piara Singh was walking towards his house after performing some morning duties.

The attack is being investigated as a hate crime. As per received reports, Piara Singh was beaten with a steel rod. He is currently admitted in the hospital undergoing treatment for severe head injuries, and his condition is said to be critical. His rib was also fractured and a lung collapsed during the attack.

We have learned that the suspect has already been arrested by the Fresno police.

Fresno is located in the heart of the Central Valley of California and has a sizable Sikh/Punjabi population. Although such vicious attacks are rare, they have continued to disturb the community living there. Not too long ago, a ‘parcharik’, or preacher, was attacked at Fresno’s International Airport next to the TSA office.

Post 9/11, Sikhs in the Central Valley have been victimized by hate crimes – even Sikh children are bullied at school about their appearance and values.

We are requesting Sikhs to stay alert and report any suspicious activity by dialing 911.


  1. Sikhs were formed out of the idea of defending the weak and frail. These days, it is the Sikhs who have become the frail. Perhaps the Sikh traditions have more symbolic value nowadays. However, we must remember that ceremonial sword is not only there for show. I suggest we defend our shrines and communities, by using weapons if we have to. Hire security guards for Gurudwaras. We can afford it.

    The long-term solution is to influence your local governments. Perhaps more young Sikhs can go into law and law enforcement. Let us not be at the mercy of our local police ALL the time. Even though their intentions might be good, they don’t fully understand our culture and practices themselves. Let us start firearm training for our community and its members. Trust me, people don’t mess with you if you fight back. They will respect you. That is just the way people are these days. Sad but true.

  2. This is terrible, attacking helpless for no damn reason, when will this stop??
    ya I’ll dial 911 to let them know where to pick up the prick that dared raise a finger. I am not one for violence but I will NOT turn the other cheek!

  3. Salam!
    It’s terrible that all kinds of people suffer because of the way they look! May God bless the man and his family and bring him out of the hospital safely and well healed! May God protect the community in Fresno from harm! And may God punish those who choose to spread hate and violence! God protect us all from hatred. My heart goes out to all of those who suffer because of a few people’s ignorance.

  4. Patty,

    We suggest you attend the meeting tonight at Gurdwara Nanaksar, located on the corner of Cherry Rd. and North Ave. The meeting will include various local Sikh leaders and other County officials. You should share your case there.

  5. My name is Patty Dawson, I was attacked in Clovis CA June 14, 2011. I was chased in my car by two white males and one white female. they chased me for over a mile. i suffered a broken nose, crushed nasal passage, left orbital fracture. ribs, left hip and a severe concussion. Memory loss, even slurred speech. Sheriffs and detectives said it was road rage. the authorities did a poor investigation from beginning. The district attorney said we have no hate crimes in Fresno County. Get your own lawyer, investigator’s and someone who knows the court system to assist your elder’s interest and fight for justice. Only the female was charged in my case even though witness’s stated they saw men kicking me and spitting on me. The one person who was charged with felonies assault to commit great bodily harm was only given 365 days in jail, she only served maybe half her sentence and will be getting out in July 2013. Despite what witness’s said in court. Even the felon’s father at the end of trial threaten to shoot me at the courthouse. Still, sheriff’s have done nothing about the threats with witness’s heard everything and only report was taken. Again, in Fresno County no true justice. I am Native American, my tribe’s are Navajo and San Carlos Apache. It was only with persistence of family and friend’s that we were able to deal with this so-called-not-a-hate-crime. Fight for justice!!!!

    • Patty, that is terrible, I hope you have recovered okay. It is amazing to see you so committed to encouraging others even after such an ordeal.

  6. If we stop fighting in gurughars and show respect to guru granthsahib ji things will get better. I know its not right what happened but its all political drama. All I have to say is waheguru meher kare

    • Mr. Hundal, I am not aware of ur location but did want to inform u that there are no ‘political dramas’ that caused this man to be beaten…he was merely walking outside of the Gurudawara…this was a hate-crime and solely a hate-crime…I can’t imagine who would want to harm people jus to get ‘political’ attention…at least not this Gurudawara!!!

  7. why some people are so ignorant about another cultures. Apparently,because sikh men wear turbans and long beards, thier attackers confused them with muslims. Americans have to understand that every man with a beard is not a muslim & every muslim is not a terrorist :(

  8. This will never stop because people are just care to think about themselves and state is just after dumn things instead of taking care of the bigger problems, fkn douche bags


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