Appear for the Disappeared: Sikhs March to Remember the Victims of State Terror

“Appear for the Disappeared” – Picture Courtesy: Ensaaf

FREMONT, California, USA—This past week on April 6, Sikhs from all over Northern California took part in Ensaaf’s 5K fundraising walk to remember the victims of Indian Government injustice.  The walk took place in Fremont’s Lake Elizabeth, located just miles from the Gurdwara.  Sikhs from Fresno, Kerman, Sacramento, Stockton and other cities showed solidarity with the Sikh Shaheeds.

As per the organizers of the walk, similar events were also organized in New York and London.  The motive of the events was to commemorate 500 victims of Government injustices.   Each registrant walked for a specific person that disappeared in the decade of disappearances.

Also part of the event in Fremont was live performances by Jagmeet ‘Hoodini’ Singh, Gunjiv ‘Baagi’ Singh, Raaginder Singh and magic show by Vikram Singh.  Associated artwork depicting the tragic times was also put on display at the event.

The motive of the walk was to raise awareness of thousands of Sikhs who were “disappeared in Punjab by Indian security forces during the Decade of Disappearances.”  Post 1984’s attack on the Akal Takht Sahib and Harmandir Sahib,  and continuing to the early 1990s, the State Government of Punjab sponsored killings of thousands of innocent Sikhs.  The event aimed at fundraising to help support Ensaaf’s project of documenting disappearance in Punjab.

More information about Ensaaf and its work is available at


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