Mass Murderer Gill Threatens Sadda Haq Movie Producers

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—At a press conference organized at Punjab University, the former “Super Cop” of Punjab responsible for the killings of thousands of innocent Sikhs asked for strict measures to be implemented so that movies such as “Sadda Haq” are not able to “disrupt peace” in Punjab.  KP Gill also slammed the SGPC for the 1984 memorial Gurdwara at the Harmandir Sahib.

The movie Sadda Haq highlights police brutalities that continued for two decades in Punjab.  As part of its process to curb the Sikh Freedom Movement for human rights, the Punjab Police often adopted brutal methods of dealing with freedom fighters and their families.  Thousands of Sikh youth were tortured in police custody and killed in fake encounters.

KP Gill was at the Punjab University for a conference in which he spoke about so-called “terrorism” in Punjab.  Gill stated that the ban on the movie was required as it glorified and promoted “terrorism.”  He also openly demanded action against the movie producer and crew.  He called for the immediate arrest of the producers, Paramjit Singh Kalkat and Jarnail Singh.

Gill also shared strong remarks for the SGPC, stating that it must be eliminated as it does not represent the entire Sikh community.  He alleged that the memorial would only serve the purpose of glorifying so-called “terrorism.”  In regards to the role of the Punjab police after 1984 and through the early 1990s, Gill stated that he did not have any regrets for the actions taken by the Punjab Police at his behest—including endless torture, disappearances, rapes, murders and mass graves.

SGPC Backtracks on the Movie; Aligns with Fascist Punjab Government

SGPC President Avtar Makkar has taken a u-turn on support for the movie “Sadda Haq.”  The move comes a day after the Akal Takht Sahib was requested to help lift the ban on the movie.  Makkar claimed that the SGPC had made a mistake by supporting the movie earlier.  He alleged that the ban on the movie is rightful and Punjab, Haryana and Jammu Governments did nothing wrong by banning the showings.

Makkar further stated that in the future the SGPC will be more careful towards similar movies.  He alleged that the peace in Punjab was hard earned and it must be kept at all costs.

Large Scale Support Continues for the Movie Abroad and at Home

Although officially the movie remains banned in Punjab, Haryana and other parts of India, it has continued to attract support from those living abroad and at home.  People in Punjab and Jammu have come out in the streets in support of the movie.  In the United States and Canada, the movie showings all across the continent have been fully sold out.

The Sadda Haq team has gained immense support from the audience.  Sadda Haq hashtag and support are trending on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook.


  1. He is scared and feared now. Kabni chir pai Sikh Kaum de gaddar nu. Dhian Singh, Gulab Singh dogrey di aulad. Tenu Sikkh Kaum maff nahi karegi. Saada Haq movie is running house full around the world. In some cities it’s running in two cinenamas.

  2. love the headline we need more media attention on these war criminals state terrorists like KPS Gill, sumedh saini, azhar alam, julio riberio, amoung others who murdered countless innocent Sikh civilians throughout punjab.

  3. now SGPC is showing there real face by supporting criminals of 1984 who ruined Sikh religion by killing Sikh community : Mr Makkar should resign as soon as possible or sent to jail for supporting bann on movie: Sadda Haq ; very shameful people in SGPC

  4. bs makkar to ahi umeed c o sache patshah meri kaum nu ehoje bhediya de panjea cho bcha ajj harman singh Dhooma Sant Janail Singh Ji di tha te hai pr km bilkul ult o v makkar varga e niklea . Waheguru Teri kaum nu Bhindranwala Sant Sipahi hi Bcha skde ik var fer bhejde OSS yodhe nu :(

  5. its alright though… whilst india a sleeps surrounding nations will awaken… ban the movie in your shit country; well open the eyes of other countries instead and expose how corrupt you money hungry fools are… id like to see if they even try banning it in other countries….


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