Dubai Based Company Withdraws Memos Against Sikh Turban for Visa Processing

dateline::As per information received from number of Sikhs living in Al Ain, a big corporation has issued a memo to over 2000 of its Sikh employees that they must remove their head covering before taking picture for visa processing.  The memo was in direct conflict with labour laws of UAE and against mandates of the Sikh religion that require all adherents to wear a turban.

The issue was raised with the Indian Consulate and “Sarbat Da Bhala” non-charitable organization that deals with Sikh community issues in Dubai.  The management of the company was also been notified that many Sikhs were not willing to remove their turban and as a result, would resign from their position if required.

Finally after involvement of Sikh community leaders and officials from the embassy, the company withdrew its memo and allowed Sikhs to submit visa processing application without removing their turban.

All Sikhs living in UAE should know the labor  laws and most importantly that removing turban cannot be required by any company or organization.


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