Sikhs Pray for Peace in Kashmir at Takhat Sri Hazoor Sahib

NANDED, Maharashtra, India—The All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) held special prayers for peace in Kashmir at Gurdwara of Takht Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Sahib in Nanded Maharashtra, the highest Sikhs religious seat in West-South India.

APSCC chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina led the members of APSCC at the revered religious seat in praying for peace in Kashmir. According to a statement, many Sikhs living in the central India participated in the prayer meet.

Raina said that Jathedar Bhai Kulwant Singh, the head of the Sachkhand prayed (performed ardass) for peace of Kashmir and also held Antim Ardas for those who were killed in the turmoil.


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