Sikh Community to Observe Six Month Anniversary of the Oak Creek Shooting

SILVER SPRING, MD, USA—February 5th marks six-month anniversary of the shooting at the Sikh Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. We appeal to all Gurdwaras across the nation to observe it on Sunday, February 3rd, by organizing an Ardas Diwas and offer prayers for families of the Oak Creek and all victims of gun violence in America. During the service, we also request the Gurdwaras to stress the importance of Sikh community members to speak out and to ask congregants to contact their representatives to support gun control measures.

Given this, we are requesting all the community members to join in the national faiths call-in initiative to reach out to members of congress to act on this issue. The major components of legislation that Congress is considering are bulleted below. When you call your Senators and Representative, let them know that you are calling as a member of the faith community, and emphasize those of the policies which you support.

  1. Require universal background checks for all gun purchases
  2. Ban semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  3. Make gun trafficking a federal crime
  4. Improve access to mental health services
  5. Tell them that gun violence prevention laws work.

Below is a link with more information for your community members on the Interfaith Call-In Day to Prevent Gun Violence.

A flyer on Interfaith Call-In Day to Prevent Gun Violence is attached to this email. Please feel free to print and pass it out during this Sunday’s service.

Interfaith Call-In Day to Prevent Gun Violence Feb. 4

On Monday, February 4, people of many faith traditions is calling U.S. senators and representatives to urge them to act now to prevent more gun violence. More information is here.


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