100+ Dalits Join Sikh Fold

Guna, Madhya Pradesh, India

In December 2012, the Akhand Kirtani Jatha held an Amrit Parchaar Smaagam in a remote area of Madhya Pradesh in India. Over 100 Dalits were blessed with the gift of Amrit and joined the Khalsa Panth in village Guna, distract Aron. With Guru Sahib’s Grace the new Khalsa Sikhs are following Gurmat Khalsa Rehat and in good spirits. It is said that the new Khalsa Sikhs overcame a lot of hardships from local village leaders and police who tried to prevent them from taking Amrit and becoming Khalsa because of their so-called ‘low caste’. They were denied basic daily needs such as clean water, yet they did not waiver and were determined to become the Khalsa of the Guru. From farmers to teachers, all these Sikhs are proud Khalsa and we should support them and their families.

The Sevadaars who organised the Amrit Sanchaars in these remote areas of India are now helping these Khalsa Sikhs with their basic day to day needs and teaching them Gurmukhi, Gurbani Santhiyaa and Keertan. They are also planning to build a Gurdwara in the village where the Amrit Sanchaar took place. The sangat are requested to support our brothers and sisters who have newly come into the fold of the Khalsa Panth.┬áIf anyone would like to make a donation for this seva or help in any other way then they can contact Bhai Malkiat Singh Seattle (USA) – (253) 682-9337.
Another Amrit Parchaar Smaagam will be organised in June 2013. It is said that hundreds of more individuals, thirsty for Naam, Baani and gift of Amrit are ready to take Amrit in the next Amrit Sanchaar. May we all do Ardaas for our new brothers and sisters that Guru jee blesses them with strength, courage and Sikhi spirit.
Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!


  1. wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh very good work done we should go to each and every district of india to spread this great relgion then only there will be peace in india people like akbar owaisi should become sikhsv

  2. Bole So Nihaal, Sat Siree Akaal!!!

    Well done to the amazing seva done by AKJ India. Glad to know that people embracing Sikhi are keeping full Khalsa Rehat and steadfast in their Sikhi.

    We should all help in this seva rather than wasting hundreds of dollars on Gurdwara buildings and feeding Langar to our relatives and friends (who are already well fed!)


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