Fort Lohgarh Historical Gates May Have Replacements Soon

—The SCPC often claims for the preservation of Sikh History and monuments but the story is different at the birth place of Khalsa – Sri Anandpur Sahib, where a historical gate of Fort Lohgarh Sahib has totally skipped the minds of Sikh leadership. The fort’s doors have been put on a special display for Sikh Sangat new doors are yet to be installed.

The Fort of Lohgarh was once famous for making and supplying weapons to Sikhs at the time of Guru Gobind Singh ji.  During one incident, the “Pahadi Raje” (mountain kings) sent a drunk elephant to damage the gateway of the Fort and take over weapon manufacturing factory under their custody.  Guru Gobind Singh ji at that time sent one of his Singh – Bhai Bachittar Singh to defeat this elephant with a new weapon, the “Nagni Barcha” (spear).  Although others were surprised at Bhai Bachittar Singh’s selection by Guru Sahib, he was able to overpower the elephant.

Whenever the Sikh Sangat reads this historical sakhi, they desire to see the gate and the Fort Lohgarh Sahib however it hurts their emotions when they see there is no such a gate present there currently.  This historical fort has totally been ignored by SGPC .  The SGPC has long been requested to to preserve the original gate and make new doors resembling the original.

The issue has also been brought to the attention of Gaini Tarlochan Singh, Jathedar of Keshgarh Sahib.  As per a statement, he said that when Guru Gobind Singh ji left Anandpur Sahib, his enemies had almost destroyed the whole Anandpur Sahib, but the SGPC had kept many antiques safe.  He alleged that the SGPC will soon build new gates which should look pristine.


  1. Every day it comes to light that The SGPC SEEMS TO BE A BANKRUPT Organisation lead by corrupt people.

    They are a disgrace to the whole of sikh Kaum ABROAD. One is ashamed to say that
    AKAL TAKHAT is the leading Throne for the SIKHI.

    While BEDAL family is in control of Punjab one can not see any Change for the progressive individuals.

    SIKH’s in INDIA have to deal with this problem of course with the help of Sangat from abroad.

    So much REVENUE comes to HARMANDIR SAHIB WHAT happens to it.???


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