SGPC Establishes New Panel to Re-write Sikh History

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—SGPC is contemplating to re-write Sikh History starting with the lives of the Guru Sahibs up to the British rule era in Punjab.  A panel consisting of  various scholars has been set up under the patronage of Roop Singh, SGPC secretary.  Namely, Dr. Jaspal Singh (Punjabi University VC), Dr. Prithipal Singh Kapoor, Dr. Kirpal Singh, Dr. JS Grewal, and Dr. Indu Banga have been named as the panelists.  This announcement was made during a meeting held in Chandigarh.

SGPC President Avtar Makkar alleged that there was a great need to research the Sikh history and re-write it completely.  Makkar shared that Sikh Sangat around the world had been demanding a fresh look into Sikh history for a long time.

The research would be published in 10 volumes and would also contain detailed history on the lives of S. Banda Singh Bahadur and Maharaja Ranjit Singh.  Makkar said that although this process is going to take a long time, this endeavor would help the Sikh community understand Sikh history and way of life.

While there is a great need to filter Sikh history of objectionable or incorrect content, the move to re-write comes after the  SGPC has been surrounded by many controversies.  Its recent decision to attend the “Kumbh Mela” attracted a lot of criticism.  Furthermore, the Gurdwara Management body already has a panel of Sikh historians who have published Sikh history through different books.  Interestingly, enlightened scholars like Dr. Jodh Singh, Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba, Prof. Harpal Singh Pannu, and Dr. Anuraj Singh have not been named on the panel. These oversights combine to give many Sikhs doubts as to whether the rewrite will cause more harm than good.


  1. How do we know if they aren’t trying effortlessly to further drive sikhs apart ? Or further confuse us and our youth in the future? Can they be trusted?? How do we know if they will do it with all honesty and truth and based ONLY ON ACTUAL AND FACTUAL HISTORY? How can we be certain that this isn’t a Ploy by RSS or has any RSS influence??

  2. Is SGPC again trying to divert the attention.

    WHY DR. SANGAT SINGH THE welknown author of “THE SIKHS IN HISTORY 2010 ” is not included in this PANEL.

    HAS AVTAR MAKKAR read the above Book ?? WHICH was first published in 1995
    [New York] before the celebration of 300 year of SIKHI.

    Looks as if the BADAL FAMILY and the CONGRESS is involved. in all this above.

    COULD it be another way of Taking money from the GURDWARA?????


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