World First Sikh Professional MMA Referee & Judge


Meet Bhupinder Singh (25) is the first Sikh Professional Mixed Martial Arts referee and Judge in the world.  Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world and is a sport that combines striking and grappling techniques both standing and on the ground.

Bhupinder Singh, a practicing Sikh himself and an MMA coach at ‘Lions MMA’ is a long time practitioner of MMA.  He trained in Kung Fu at an early age and later learnt Juijitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai & Kickboxing. Mr Singh has helped coach fighters leading up to their fights, passing on a wealth of knowledge and instructing his fighters to victory.

There are multiple events that take place in the world and Mr. Singh has recently come back from Asia where he refereed in Mumbai for India’s only MMA organisation ‘The Super Fight League’, and judged in China for the biggest MMA organisation in the world, the UFC.

Talking about why he chose MMA Bhupinder said, “Martial arts is something that I have always had a strong passion for and being a Sikh it is very important to be a saint-soldier.  Meditation & training go hand in hand and learning the art of combat is good for building confidence, discipline & of course self defence.  I’ve always wanted to referee and knew the rules generally as I have trained in the sport. So I took it on myself to referee small interclubs and had fighters and coaches coming to me after stating I did a brilliant job.  From then on I knew that I wanted to take this further & started refereeing Amatuer & Professional bouts”


Bhupinder Singh will be appearing as a special guest at the official opening for Lions MMA in Hitchin, taking place this Saturday at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara where he will be talking about Mixed Martial Arts further and how it helps you become a true Saint-Soldier.



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