BREAKING: Operation Blue Star General Kuldeep Brar, Stabbed in attack in London

London: Lieutenant General Kuldeep Singh Brar, who led Operation Bluestar against the Sikh community and invaded the Golden Temple in 1984,  has been stabbed and injured in London.

The Indian High Commission has confirmed that three men assaulted General Brar, 78, outside his hotel and stabbed him with a knife. He is in critical condition in a local hospital after surgery. General Brar’s wife was with him; she was pushed to the ground but was not injured.

The retired army officer who led the attack on Sikhism’s holiest shrine usually stays in a high-security compound in the  cantonment area in Mumbai.

In June 5, 1984, troops entered the Harmandir Sahib Complex (mistakenly known as the  Golden Temple) in Amritsar to carry out a well organised operation which included mass action on Sikh Gurdwara’s through out Punjab against Sikh community. Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale demanded equal rights for Sikhs and Punjab state which was causing Indian Government much embarrassment at the time.  General Brar’s troops were successful at killing thousands of Men, Women and Children as they unleashed terror in state of Punjab.

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  1. Propoganda of the indian Government.he may have been the victim of a robbery.If there were three or four Sikhs involved he would not have lived.
    He was attacked in oxford street at 10.50pm. which would be crowded at that time.
    His statement and his wifes statement does not match. It is evident that they are lying.
    No sikh was aware that he was coming to UK other wise there would have been thousands of Sikhs attacking him and not just 4.
    The Indian Government agents are in the uk trying to use strategies to make the Sikhs look bad.
    This is the uk you will not win .This is not india where you can tamper with evidence and make stories up.

  2. Who could have done such a thing?
    My money is on the IRA…….

    Seriously though, very unprofessional attempt and now there are reports of a mobile phone recovered found on the scene.

  3. Dont worry about how this is viewed by the media. Fashions are fickle and who pays the piper calls the tune, instead be concerned if this kind of action is justified within Sikhi. He is a dusht and deserves punishment for his crimes. If you feel this was/is the wrong thing to do then you must also condemn Udham Singh and if you follow that path you must also condemn some great GurSikhs…follow on from that and you will have left Sikhis path long ago…

  4. This person does not deserve the right to have the title Singh in his name. A person who can send an army a holy place of worship and kill thousands of his brothers and sisters and carry on living his life happily as though it was the right thing to do does not deserve Singh in his name

  5. It looks as if the Indian Govt. is staging this story to blame the sikhs in UK.

    Remember few days ago the Hindu MP was talking about the KIRPAN.

    May be Mr. Brar’s attack is preplaned by his own indian IIS Service. to get the Publicity.

    There is no news in the British TV about this incident.

  6. Dont get me wrong i am a sikh and my fore fathers told me that feel happy when there is time for joy but keep that to your self, look what happened when we started giving out laddos when Indra died the slaughter in delhi was result of that.
    This another ploy to seek us out and destroy.

  7. We should not celeberate this.We should not fall into the propoganda of the indian Government.he may have been the victim of a robbery.If there were three or four Sikhs involved , he would not have lived.He is 80, if he lived through the attack by four Sikhs ..what does it make Sikhs out to be?FOOLS!The Indian press and government are out to tarnish the Sikhs.

  8. JOB WELL DONE: Let the RASCAL suffer as he has killed innocent citizens, tortured, raped and looted under the command of Amritdhari fool president and Brat PM. Armed forces are for External aggression not to suppress law abiding citizens under the command of contaminated and corrupted politicians. It is birth right of every human to criticize and revolt against their management of Religion, Schools, Law and Enforcement, State Government, Country Governments.

    Congratulate to dedicate Sikhs for the revenge under the guidelines of Guru Ji’s teaching.

    • Jas Dhaliwal veer, no where does in our history has any Guru ever stated to take revenge. Guru Tegh Bahadur Maharaj himself said:

      Badlay Nahi Lainay, darab Kay Kaaj Guru Mharj Nay Nahi Eh naith Dukan Pa-ee
      Do not ever take revenge, business of wealth, Guru does not run this type of shop

      Standing up & fighting against oppression was preached by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, however he never preached about taking revenge.

      Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, before he was tortured & made shaheed announced publicly that he was facing punishment for going against the Guru’s orders & taking revenge by killing the killers of Pyare Sahibzades.

      So please before you preach the wrong thing, read up on Sikhism & our Guru’s teachings.

      Waheguru Rakha

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  9. man i was laughing with joy when i heard that he got stabbed. not because im trying to be a ‘monster’ lol.. im just happy just as the Khalsa was happy when Bhai Mehtaab Singh JI and Sukha SIngh JI brought Massa Rangharr’s head after cutting his head off cuz he has prostitutes dance at Harmandar Sahib while he drank sharaab. Thanks. :-)

    • its fortunate that he survived. he planned the attack not on the sikh community but sikh terrorists. He is still brave to fight against 4 terorirsts at the age of 78, simply bravo and deserve all praises for fighting against the snakes.
      may Waheguru showers him long life. He has shown to the world duty is more important than religion. He is true soldier of Dashm Pita , who asked for ‘shub karaman se kabhu na tarron’ as a bliss. all great respect to dashm pita and his this true son


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