British Pakistani Man Charged for Multiple Accounts of Rape in Luton

Sikh Community Protesting against Lack of Action by Bedford Police

—On 29th May 2012 the Sikh community protested in Luton after a Punjabi girl from a Sikh background was allegedly raped by a young British born Pakistani Muslim man.

Anan Majid Basharat has now been charged with 3 accounts of rape and one account of ABH. He is due to appear in Luton Crown Court in December for a plea and case management hearing.

The violence and harassment prior, and the barbarity of the rape ordeal were on a sadistic level.
It left members of the local community shocked and shaken. The anger turned towards the Police, who were made aware of the increasing level of intimidation by Basharat, but failed to acknowledge the tell tale signs, especially considering his criminal record.

The Sikh community feels this horrific ordeal was preventable if the Police had taken action to concerns raised by the victim’s family. The Sikh Awareness Society has have been working with victims of grooming, both under 16 and over 16 for over a decade. There is a highly organised element working in networks across towns and cities, engaging in what initially seem like “conventional” relationships, but have the long term aim of serious exploitation and abuse.

The trend clearly points towards racially motivated sexual exploitation. All Gurdwaras and Panthik organisations are urged to run regular awareness campaigns highlighting these dangers.


  1. It’s not a Muslim problem if this sick minded individual has committed this crime it’s not in the name of his ‘religion’ moreover it is in his own actions and choices he has made, no decent law abiding citizen of any religion (which the vast majority of Muslims are) commits such offences. Sorry but the fact that he happens to be a ‘muslim’ Should not dominate the headline.

  2. If a young muslim girl was the victim of such a heinous crime there would be thousands of muslims on the streets make no mistake about that, but when a young Sikh girl is raped by a muslim it’s all hushed up, it is only because of the reactions from muslims that the police and authorities act in their favour, the only way Sikh’s will be heard is by making as much noise as we can.
    Are we going to stand for this? Time for action.

  3. Dear KM have you shut yourself from the news? In the name of Islam love jihad is taking place all over the world. If you think it is isolated cases then i urge you to watch UK national news or perhaps google news search!

  4. Actions like the aforementioned is condemned in the Islamic faith, yes this guy may be muslim, but does he represent his faith? No! Rather he should be treated as an individual and dealt with accordingly. News like this incite religeous hatred throught dividing groups of people.

  5. This is not the first time that Sikh girls have been targetted by muslim men in UK. Sikh parents need to connect better with their kids to prevent such exploitation. Ofcourse the law enforcements needs to be more vigilant too.

    • I agree but these UK govent seems that they are not interested to protect anyone against this Islamic radicals.

      As a hindu I support and will not tolerate anything in human activies against any Sikh or Hindu

  6. This problem is huge. Glad we have a media who is not shying away from this issue in the name of political correctness and fear of a Muslim uprising. All Muslim leaders need to acknowledge and condemn grooming and sexual abuse of non muslim girls in the name of Islam, if they are serious that there religion does not permit such terrible things,

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