Pending Verdict for Sajjan Kumar: Continued Injustice Against the Sikhs in India

NEW DELHI—On September 6, during the court hearing for his involvement in 10984 anti-Sikh pogroms, the counsel of Sajjan Kumar argued that he was framed in the various cases by Sikhs.  Though the case has been ongoing for years, at the final points, Kumar’s counsel alleged that there were inconsistencies in statements of witnesses.  Such tactics have also been used in past by Kumar and others to delay the court verdict.

Counsel IU Khan moved the court stating that the witnesses have changed their statements during the trial.  In opposition to Khan’s claims, it is important to mention that the report submitted by the Nanavati Commission in 2005 concluded that there was “credible evidence” against Kumar. In addition, the witnesses in the case have long argued history of “assessment” and “threats” through the hands of the senior Congress leaders.

Sajjan Kumar is accused of instigating mobs in October 1984 after the assassination of Indira Gandhi.  Bibi Jagdish Kaur is a prime witness against involvement of Sajjan Kumar in Sikh genocide.  Her husband and son were brutally murdered by a mob in 1984.  In addition to Sajjan Kumar, various other Indian Government leaders have been accused of being part of the carnage, however a lack of justice in India has continued to shield the mass murderers.


  1. I dont no why the Sikh people’s are still permitting to such people’s to live inside this world? all The justice,courts are all doing their tasks by preplanning


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