Community in Shock as Another Sikh is Killed in WI

MILWAUKEE, WI, USA—The Sikh Community of Wisconsin has suffered yet another shock after the August 5 shooting at the Oak Creek Gurdwara.  According to police reports, Dalbir Singh (56) was fatally shot this past Wednesday in Milwaukee at his place of work.  The killing of another Sikh living close to Oak Creek has met the entire Sikh nation with a surprise.

Picture of Dalbir Singh, Courtesy: Fox News

Dalbir Singh was a regular attendee of the Gurdwara where six others were shot to death by a White supremacist terrorist who opened fire there.  Whether the killing of Singh can be linked to the shooting at the Gurdwara is still being investigated.  The incident took place at night time around 9:10 PM when Dalbir Singh’s store – Harmony Food Store located near 38th and Locust was robbed.

As per police reports, this is a case of attempted robbery.  No arrests have been made and Milwaukee police is searching for suspects.  Further specifics are yet to be disclosed by the police.  The store had CCTV cameras installed and the investigation team is going through the footages to track down the robber.


  1. Jassi: I do praise Gurus and their blessing all the time. Worship meant pooja without following teaching.
    Surjit Kaur and Mohkum Singh: Arms race leads to destruction of Emotions, physical parts, create disabilities, revenge and rivalries, which leads to destruction of generations. I have personal experience in life Lathies, Kinfes, Kirpans, Surras, guns and Chemicals have done irreparable damages. How Sikh member can sell Tobacco/Liquor to others kids as prohibited by our faith. Please remember “BEMUKH HOI RAM TE, LAGGAN JANAM VEJOG”.
    John Foster: Yes and proved in court of law true and hard working Sikh professional and proud of my Sikh parents.
    Randawa: One picture is better than thousand words. Your writing is against Sikhim (Kartoot Pashoo Mansh Jaat as per Guru Granth Sahib Ji) I live in San Francisco Bay area and prepared to face democratic debate with any Past/Present Sikh Gurdwara/Temple management or Sikh intellectual member any time. I have proofs with police reports and evidence under oath in Alameda County courts. FBI is very well aware of Sikh Community Crimes by its members. I have evidence to show on TV for million viewers against Sikh leaders.
    Harminder Kaur: Punjab has been destroyed with murders and rivalries do not generate animal’s behavior in United States.
    AK: I read all news and analyze since 1970. We must review our own community incidents. I am taking body guard to attend Sikh congregation every Sunday without committing any crime. Is decent Sikh sleeping or afraid of Criminal Sikhs those are involved in smuggling and bullying?
    Ujjal: I am not interfering in investigations, but afraid of Sikhs creating arms race like Punjab. Many families lost many members for nothing by mere instigations.
    The Sikh’s daily life should be Karam, Dharm, Sewa, Sikhia, Path and Pun-Daan, which must be adapted in daily life.

  2. …correction to my last post>
    1)PUSH attacker real hard to cause him/ her to fall
    2)PULL (after quickly sliding on floor) attacker’s feet to bring him/ her down, then remove weapon

  3. Jas Dhaliwal,
    Even if what you say is true, what has this got to do with another unarmed Sikh being killed?
    This is a situation of evil in kalyug having their way to kill the innocent, because the law is not effective, though I do agree with you that there are many Sikhs today who are practising immense beadbi to Gurbani, and the noble name of Gursikhi that our Great Guru lived, and ordered for each and every Sikh, who consider themselves Sikh…the other fact is Gurbani reminds…kran karan sab Ek Hai…so self introspection is needed.

    But the reality in such a situation, I repeat…if you are innocent/ unarmed, and your life is at stake, defend all any cost>
    1)PUSH attacker real hard to cause him/ her to fall/ or quickly fall on floor or
    2)PULL attacker’s feet to bring him/ her down, then remove weapon or
    3)PIN attacker hand that is holding weapon to wall/ object close by, to hurt that limb, to cause weapon to be released!
    Bhul chuk muaf
    Vaheguroo rakha Sikh Kaum atey Panth nu

  4. Jas Dhaliwal. We do not know if if it was a robbery or hate crime. Let police do its job.
    Secondly do not speculate without evidence. If you know people who are smuggling drugs or people inform the authorities and not malign the whole Sikh community.

  5. You live in USA people wake up. we choose to live in the USA, live with the rules of the country and laws. one of them tells you have a right to curry guns and defend yourself so its time you did that.

  6. As a white American female (I say that because I am unlikely to be targeted for such a crime), and Buddhist, I must say that I weep for the Sikh community. I’ve lived in WI since 2004 and this has been so shocking to me. Ironically, I also lived in Arizona back when the murder there happened.
    These things make no sense to me. The Dalai Lama was correct when he said,”my religion is kindness.” We may all have different faiths, however, I believe most of us want what is best for one another.

    Those of us at the Deerpark Buddhist Temple in Madison have kept you all in our prayers and thoughts.

  7. Jas, your comment is absolutely ridiculous. Have you not the slightest clue as to what has happened? Read up on recent events before you start preaching your fallacious and absurd theory.

  8. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Himself advocated self defense. We must get our act together. This fatal shooting of Sikh by an armed robber is really upsetting..right after the Gurdwara shooting someone does this now.. Very suspicious.. We need to make sure all our youth and elderly stay fit, take defense classes, learn Shaster Vidya.. We really need to get our act together! No one pushes Sikhs around!
    @jas dhaliwal.. What the heck r u going on about?? Idiot.

  9. Brothers please refrain from fighting because of inability to express oneself. This is a moment and a place for coming together in face of ignorance and hatred and not resolving our differences

  10. Jas, all I have to say to you is to put a sock in it. Please refrain from inciting false rumors and facts without proof. People like you are the ones that need to be curtailed. I think you are one of those people that is deriding Sikhi!!!!

  11. Robbery…. He was a witness of the shooting!! Sumthin he know and tht includes those six shaeed from last week …. This doesnt add up man .. Sumthin is wrong … Even the goverment is involved.. Big money ppl involved … Thts why its… Cover up

  12. This is a loss of not just the Sikh nation, but the American Nation, as well as the Human Nation. This has to stop. There have been multiple attacks on Sikhs and Muslims in just the past 2 weeks alone(9 including this and the WI Gurdwara, along with multiple attacks on Masjids including the burning of Joplin Mosque) and we all need to stand together and support each other.

    • Vaheguru has guided us to follow Guru Granth Sahib teaching not worship:

      Sikh Need to stop (Drug and Human) smuggling and corruption. Be real Sikh not criminals under Sikh Dress as we have contaminated Punjab and now start contaminating great countries Worldwide. As per Sikh Guru Ji’s teaching: Sikh not to involve in Bullying, High handedness, Sell Drugs or any other crime. Show case Sikhs are contaminating Sikh religion, it is on record since 1947 and defaming and degrading all harding working Sikhs.

      Sikh born to protect other not to destroy others but Sikhs are shooting its own foot. Sikh are degrading its own communities Worldwide. Sikh religious Gurdwara/Temples are involved in Drug and Human Smuggling. Please do not blame others for our own mistakes and try to cover under Sikh religion umbrela.

      We must correct our own path and adopt Guru Ji’s teaching. Learn from History as Lone Sikh evidence was considered true against evidence of hundreds of other faiths? Record on British History written in Golden letters.


      • I agree that we must stop smuggling and corruption yet I do not agree where you say we are not supposed to worship but in Guru Granth Sahib it encourages to worship waheguru by saying his name in praise.

      • I”m sorry to say but our own 10th guru said “choon kar aaz hameh heelate dar guzast, halal ast burdan b shamsheer dast” …when all means fail its righteous and pious to draw the sword. I agree with Sarjit Kaur, time to get tyar bar tyar because once you make a mistake twice, its not a mistake its a choice, and these people chose the wrong thing to do to my people.


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