Phoolka: Spend 1/10 of Gurdwara Golak on Social Service

AMRITSAR SAHIB—Supreme Court senior Advocate and crusader against 1984 anti-Sikh [genocide], Harvinder Singh Phoolka has urged the [appointed] Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh to issue an appeal to the Sikh community worldwide to spend one tenth of Gurdwara offerings on social services in their respective areas.

Phoolka advocated that by spending one tenth from Guru’s Golak as per Bhai Ghannayia’s mission to help the needy by rising above caste, colour and creed, Sikhs would be able to earn goodwill. “This humanitarian practice would also help them resolve identity crisis.”

In a formal request sent to Jathedar, Advocate Phoolka said that the Sikhs would have to hammer out strategies to resolve the issue of identity crisis in order to avoid a recurrence of the Wisconsin Gurdwara incident.

“It is very unfortunate that most of the Gurdwaras in countries abroad often indulge in litigation over petty issues like management committee elections and hence end up wasting their energies and resources on wasteful exercises,” said Phoolka adding that all such Gurdwara controllers must rise above petty electoral politics and involve themselves in humanitarian services in their respective areas to earn goodwill for the community.

“The Gurdwaras in India could spend one tenth of their earnings to wage war against drug addiction,” he added.


  1. Dera Beas has more funds then SGPC. Head of DERA BEAS also has Rs 400 crore aeroplane. Do other sects also have a social responsibility or it is only for Sikhs to allow use of Gurdwara Sahib for use by Gadar PArty or anti emergency Morcha.


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