Op/Ed – Sikhs Stand United With Other Faiths

Sikhs are Proud Americans and despite the recent temple shooting, Sikh Community stands United with their fellow Americans

SAN FRANCISCO, USA—The Sikh Community across the United States has expressed gratitude towards members of various faiths who have shared their support during these harsh times.  Various faith members, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and many others, including those of no faith have come out to share solace with the Sikhs after the terrorist attack in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  The attack claimed six lives but brought together all communities in America.

While Sikhs are busy organizing vigils and other memorials throughout the United States, non-Sikhs have also organizing similar programs throughout the nation in support of the shooting of Sikhs.  Christians, Jews and Muslims have sent correspondence to Sikhs that their places of worship are open for the Sikhs to come and educate other communities.  At the same time, non-Sikhs have been seen in large number throughout numerous programs held in the US.  Just yesterday, Dr. Harmash Kuman from Contra Costra county of California, where there are fewer Sikhs relative to Fremont or San Jose, announced he would take lead on organizing a vigil there.

The entire incident has brought together people of all faiths.  Sikh24 has learned from its readers that since the day of the shootings, they have been given solace by members of many communities.  We received news of two while males running to hug a Sikh youth wearing a turban outside a train station in San Francisco, California.  Another comment shared with Sikh24 was about a Sikh girl wearing a turban who was approached by a young white male on a bus who said “Sorry”.

While the response from other communities has been largely positive, some people are trying to take advantage of the incident to push their own agendas.  Sikh24 Editors want to share with its audience that such individuals who are trying to spew hatred should be ignored and not given any attention.  This is the time we need to express our appreciation for other communities and show the entire Nation that we are an integral part of America.


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