Nationwide Candle Light Vigils for Wisconsin and Colorado Victims

SAN FRANCISCO, USA—Sikhs living all over the United Sikhs are organizing various candle light vigil events to remember the lives lost during the Oak Creek Gurdwara and Colorado cinema shooting.  Sikh organizations, namely, the Sikh Coalition, UNITED SIKHS, SALDEF, Punjabi Radio USA in collaboration with local Sikh Gurdwaras and organizations are leading the efforts.

Sikh24 has been notified that Sikh Gurdwaras in the United States will be holding candle light vigils this coming Wednesday, August 8.  Sikhs are requested to go to their local Gurdwaras and take part in remembering the victims of Gurdwara shooting.  As per a statement issued by Sikh Coalition, “the purpose of this effort is to coordinate a nationwide remembrance for the victims and their families. This will send a clear and unified message that we will not be divided; we will find hope in a moment of great tragedy; and we will move forward with the belief that freedom of religion remains a fundamental tenet of our great democracy.”

In addition, on Friday eve, local Sikh organizations along with youth bodies will be holding vigils at their local city hall buildings.  As per information dispatched by Punjabi Radio USA, a major event is being organized in Sacramento, CA outside the State Capitol Building as well.  In addition, Sikhs are requested to go to their local city hall and hold a candle light vigil.

More details about the Friday Night Event to be observed Nationwide can be found at:

Details about the event California State Capitol Event:

@Kaurista is also maintaining a list of events Worldwide:


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