UK Quiet over Tytler, No Response from Indian Authorities

LONDON, UK—There have been protests from the British Sikh community following news that Indian politician Jagdish Tytler may be permitted to visit the country for the Olympic Games.

The Sikh Federation (UK) says the Government is refusing to confirm if he will be allowed into the country despite opposition.

A campaign was launched with Sikhs writing thousands of letters to UK MPs to stop Tytler leading the Indian delegation. It appears he has been dropped as leading the delegation, but there is still concern that he will be visiting the country for the games, despite requests to the Government for reassurance that he will be prevented from entering the UK. Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK), said: “The Sikh community is deeply opposed to Tytler because of his direct involvement in the anti-Sikh pogroms of November 1984 when innocent Sikhs were killed in their thousands—often burnt alive—in around 130 cities across northern India, most notably in Delhi.

“What is unclear is if Tytler will join a later group for the start of the Olympics. British Sikhs have been disappointed that the UK Government has been unable to confirm whether or not Tytler will be allowed to enter the UK – despite pressure from shadow Labour foreign office ministers.

“If the Government does not stop this happening, Sikhs will then be forced to organise a peaceful protest, but as the strength of opposition is so great protesters may run into several thousand. This would be most regrettable given the positive image of the London Olympics 2012 that we all wish to portray and the support the Sikh community and the Sikh Federation (UK) specifically gave for securing the Olympics in London,” Mr Singh added.

The Sikh Federation (UK) is planning through its human rights wing called Khalsa Human Rights to gather specific evidence from victims in the UK to provide to the UK authorities, including the police, to prevent entry to the country or possible arrest and prosecution on arrival of Indian politicians and former police officers involved in human rights abuses.

The Sikh Federation (UK) is also opposed to the potential entry to the country of KP Gill.


  1. Its all a political game. I have a question, can any government stop a person from visiting their country who has no criminal case against him, not a single FIR in any police stations in india, who CBI has given clean chits twice?

    I think if such thing happens than any group will be able to stop anyone at will.

  2. I wrote to my local MP, about the possibility of protests, in the event perpetrators of crimes against humanity, such as Tytler, with a list of several other well known perpetrators, several weeks ago. I therefore feel, Sikhs will be fully justified, having put the Government of UK on notice, to follow through with legitimate protests, in the face of opposition to such people being ignored. The reasoning for the protests should however be made very clear, and be evident to public at large should it become necessary. Shouting slogans in punjabi to me make no sense, in a widely English speaking country.

    • I fully support your view. Playcards should show 1984 genocide of SIKHS.

      Not many people in the world know about it. WHY ??? because we are not
      shouting about it enough.

      Like JEWS we should draw world’s attention to this.

      This is our oppertunity in front of WORLD Media and TV to protest.


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