Bachchan Shaken by Sikh Protest While Holding Torch

Bachchan Shaken by Protesters

London, England—Indian superstar, Amitabh Bachan, whom victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh genocide in Delhi claim instigated mob violence against Sikhs, held the Olympic torch today at an event which took place in London.

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan carried the Olympic torch amid loud cheers from hundreds of his fans at Southwark, a day before the opening ceremony. Amongst the loud cheers, some members of the Sikh community of North and East London gathered to protest against an alleged criminal responsible for genocide crimes being allowed to come to this country.

Sikh crowds shouted out, “Murderer! Murderer! You will be exposed!”

From the photograph, Amitabh was clearly shaken, hearing the shouting slogans of the small group of protesting Sikhs.

During the 1984 Sikh Genocide, Amitabh Bachchan was shown on national Indian television inciting people to kill Sikhs after the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

He said, “Sikhs had not only assassinated Indira Gandhi, they had killed the mother of the nation.”

He raised the slogan “Khoon ke chheente Indira ko marne walon ke gharon tak pahunchne chahiye” (The bloodstains must reach the houses of those who killed Indira).


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  2. Genocide against sikhs is unforgivable. The problem is the Indian government who has been draging the case for years and there has been no justice. The guilty are old and dying and this is what the Indian authorities are probably waiting to happen. The sikhs are demanding justice which iss not forthcomming and as long as there is no justice the sikhs are not going to rest and why should they. Amitabh Bachan is guilty for his involvement in provoking the public, why should he be forgiven, the fact that he is a popular actor with a large following makes him guilty because he could have calmed the public or provoke them and he choose to provoke them.

  3. I am a Sikh born and raised in the USA. My entire life I loved Amitabh Bachchan and watched every single one of his movies growing up in the USA. I bought all of his movies and even traveled to California twice to see him visit. I got his autobiography autographed by him in 2003 in California when he visited. I was so happy to finally meet my hero in person. Then I found out that he incited violence against Sikhs in 1984. Today I threw away all of his dvds that I bought. I threw away the autographed book and the photographs I got taken with him in 2003 in California. I detest this man now. He has fallen in my eyes. I wish I had learned of his deceit earlier. I never would have collected his films and visited him. He is the ultimate betrayer. I was born and raised in the USA but I am still a Sikh and an Indian. He has betrayed his countrymen. How dare he continue to reign as if he is some type of king? He used to be my one of my most favorite people. Now I truly hate him. If he doesn’t get punished in this lifetime then he will get punished by God. He wishes that the world would forget his actions in 1984. Heartless brute may he be punished for his IMMATURITY and IRRESPONSIBILITY in 1984. He could have used his fame for keeping people calm instead of inciting genocide. He has lost a big supporter and fan today. The world isn’t going to tolerate his actions anymore. Thank God for the media and websites such as these. Otherwise I would have never known that he did this.

    • Actually whoever was close to Gandhi family at that time was blamed for riots.But this is not the fact .The actual people tried to divert the attention of legal authorities by spreading rumors in order to dilute the charges.

      The main culprits were tytler and hk bhagat.Along with them lot of hardcore criminals joined to grab the sikh properties.These criminals belong to all parties.
      These people spread rumors to get themselves out of the charges.Even he left the Gandhis for some reason .What Sikhs have done for the judge who tried to solve the 1984 cases.He was transferred out when he gave judgement.Also community need to give awards to people who helped sikhs in 84.

      The politicians were never serious or interested in getting justice as SAD president mr maan was more interested in getting the children uniform color change,taking big kirpan instead of small in parliament ,etc.Like making issue from a non issue thing.No serious effort were made by any of them .At one time , Mr Maan won all the seats in parliament but he never bothered to discuss .It is easy to blame anyone to get attention or votes but hard to find the facts.

    • What you does is good but do you know amitabh say sikh love me because many sikh don’t know this thing that’s why atleast in sikh community we have to tell this thing to everyone.

  4. I would say well done to my brothers sisters who have raised their voices against on this occasion. Simply Hats off to them.
    But this is not enough and I feel we need to stand together and protest against the Sikh genocide moment in every country thru out the world and World Organizations should assist to punish these bastards, because we know Indian government not gonna do anything to punish them as it was Indian government’s plan to take revenge of Indra bloody’s assassination.

  5. The UK Sikhs need to look deeply into their actions.The anti sikh ruling by Italian Supreme court is going to have a catastrophic effect.If we are taking swords out to protests for small reasons then world will consider us as goons. Thanks to the efforts of current sikhs leaders in Europe that is bringing the community to its knees .The view of EU governments towards sikhs is already negative .Amitabh was invited by UK government and was a state guest.Why not write to queen if you are upset.This all shows that UK government doesn’t treat him as guilty.Whether you are happy or not but this is the view of UK.

    The UK sikh tv channels and their leader view towards sikh human bombings is not going to be constructive for the community.In India sikhs are prospering in all parts and the leader of sikhs in Europe are damaging the progress made by sikhs in India. Don’t follow these illiterate leaders and move ahead with time.

    The majority of gurdwaras abroad just talk about bhindrawale ,khalistan ,etc.Nothing about spirituality and message of 10 gurus.

    Look at the tough fight given by indian team to holland in olympic and support of the huge Indian sikhs crowd to Indian team.
    This all shows that sikhs are part of India and attached to it very strongly.

    If you do want to do something then raise awareness against the guilty (tytler and bhagat)and read both sides version.Also teach the childern how the witnesses were pressurized by sikh leaders to change statement in the court.No point in raising swords in third country for show off and then losing the right of carrying kirpan.

  6. There can never be any lasting peace until killers like this Amitabh are punished. India is protecting all the killers of Sikhs. It means India has no remorse for killing Sikhs and will continue killing them, sometimes in higher numbers, sometimes in lower numbers, sometimes physically and all times by trying to kill Sikhism. That pedophile, racist Karmamchand Gandhi said the Dalits converting to Sikhism would be dangerous for India. For some reason, the current power holders of India see Sikhism as a threat. They have since it began, but just didn’t have the political power to do much though they certainly tried to get others to do it.

  7. It’s absolutely PATHETIC how the SIKH community are trying to blame one person: Amitabh Bachan. Those who should be punished for their sinful acts are those who actually went out and killed…NO ONE ELSE. Everyone has a brain to think what is right or wrong and therefore each individual that commited such a sin as murder should be rightfully punished.

  8. Don’t talk rubbish-Sikhs under attack ,etc.Go in India and visit bombay ,bangalore ,calcutta and see the progress made by sikhs.Don’t damage peace.The chief of Indian Army is also Sikh.
    Amitabh is anyway grandson of direct decedent of Guru Nanak Dev ji.
    He was not involved in any riots and SGPC has even investigated the same.

    • Just shut up Guru Nanak Sahib said no one is a sikh who cut hair who do murti puja, praise ram chandra or krishan he/she is not my sikh ok amitabh bachchan is a rascals hindu.

  9. Okay I totally understand where both sides of this are coming from. I myself am disgusted by the people who murdered so many innocent lives during the 1984 genocide. However, its not you, me, him or her that we should be fighting about. Its the actual men that shot the late prime minister. Its not the Sikhs, its not the Hindus, its not ANYONE. It is the person(s) who held the gun and pulled the trigger. They should only be the ones getting punished for killing another life or at least be a matter taken to court like many other cases. I believe that the way things exploded was only due to the two different religions (Sikhs and Hindus) putting the difference in religions in place. There should never be anyone getting up and planning to kill so many people for something another person did. For instance, if I did something wrong, or if you did, shouldn’t we be punished as individuals or at least taken up to court? I don’t think it should have been instigated that one group of people are to be blamed just because of the issues going on during that time in Punjab. People need to breathe and think calmly and not with their fists or guns. However, whats done is done and we cannot change that, so lets not bring our anger in 2012 or the coming years. Lets make a change and make the world a better place to live in.

    • How stupid you are, you all are who say this is the fault of the men who killed Indira Ghandi.
      She was responsible for the first offence, of ordering the invasion of the GOlden Temple and the slaughter of innocents.
      How can you justify the blood thirsy mobs of animals that again slaughtered innocent men women and children because of one killing.

      THIS is what will hold India back. It is a country run by corrupt criminals and populated by mental retards who make apologies for criminals.
      Wait until the criminals affect you and then you will cry.
      Mobs in India are a standard thing and they are the result of animalistic mentalities, you who defend them are also ignorant animals.

  10. People I totally understand the anger!

    BUT somewhere ( somewhere small ) u can understand where he was coming from! Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed by Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, then quotes :”I have done what I had to do. You do what you want to do.”

    Now ( Open Question ) how can one not rage in anger! after killing Indira Gandhi!!!! ????

    Just like the Sikhs are in rage coz of a quote by Amitabh Bachan.

    UK Their Govt & the people (us) have nothing to do with the Protest.

    Amitabh Bachan is aloud to come in to UK & he is not a killer so that quote made is very pathitic.

    It all boils down to this people who committed such awful crime in killing India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that has shamed up the Sikh Community!!!!

    protest agasint them first then work ur way up!!!

    then believe me u would have a leg to stand on!!!!!!

    no offence just a FACT!

    • Sadly, India banned all media from Punjab during the Sikh Holocaust. What makes you think they will allow you access to a film of him saying this. The politicians, actors etc have power and can get rid of any evidence, get anyone out of jail, pay off anyone with any power (police/judges). If India was a true democracy, they would allow CNN NBC ITV BBC to film everything that they did illegally. Sorry, but that film on Amitabh has been erased by India.

      • for your kind information when there is army rule in any state no forgein media is allowed the reason is not that govt want to hide anything because govt cant take responsiblity of forgein national in a unstable state. get your facts right.
        you can see now in all muslim countries. bbc, cnn are reporting on there own risk, they get into country throught border states for reporting. Bhindrawale was trained in Pakistan. A was cleaver enough thats why he choose harmander sahib as his base. Because waz aware that it will be difficult for govt to attack a sikh shrine. And for your kind information operation bluestar had majority of sikh soldiers who were aware what was going in harmandir sahib

    • We Sikhs are not ashamed of assassination of indira gandhi. She was responsible for killing the innocent pilgrims in Amritsar. the Indian army made it’s strategy to attack the Golden Temple on a crowded day so that the soldiers could move to occupy Akal Takhat in cover of devotees.
      Indira had already passed the orders to Gen. Vaidya that there may be whole of Amritsar is destroyed but she wanted bhindranwala dead.
      Could you or anyone produce any evidence if Sant Jarnail singh was declared terrorist by any Court in India or whether any summon/arrest warrant was pending against him and whether the consent of Parliament was taken before he was (if) declared a terrorist or Indira wanted to settle her personal scores with Sant ji? Do you have any answers?

  11. This alleged offence happened 28 years ago and yet there is NO evidence that he said this. It is all made up rubbish.

    Please provide evidence? Amitabh Bachchan is a half sikh himself and he would never say this. If there was any evidence, (video footage, recordings) it would have come out by now.

    Just made up rubbish which in the court of law the case would be dismissed!!

    • Yes how could be there any evidence when this man is shielded by the same govt of India which was a party itself in Sikh genocide. The mobiles were not invented in 1984, The video recorders were not common but rarely available and the bitter truth is that the Sikhs all over India were trying to save their lives from their own Police,army and their countrymen who were earlier provoked by this man and searching Sikhs on roads, in public transports, railways to quench their thirst of blood by blood of sikhs.
      So how do you expect that someone might have recorded the evidence? But i am an eye witness, i can take this man where the shots were taken. I am ready to face him on any public stage or in any court, anywhere in world. Could he dare to face me?

  12. uk govt should act quickely as sikhs are race in u.k,theirfore amtab is a crimanal who asked public to kill all sikhs tbat means to end their race,so acc to uk law this killer should be detained,if not at least as sikhs have done they shold lunch strong protest aginst commite who invited killer.

    • Amitabh was royal guest and anyone protesting against UK govt guest will be considered as threat to the interests of UK.Many of the cases are to extract money.Ask Bombay Gurdwara comitte which also sidelined with Bacchans.The few people are spreading rumors against everyone who was part of govt at that time.Then why not talk manmohan singh and other sikh leaders.

      Why not talk positive and see what justice dhingra contributed to the trial and take further from that trial.No pant award offered to him yet.

      You will never get justice from killers of udham singh,bhagat singh and only fool can expect the same.

  13. It’s about time our(Sikhs) voices have been heard!
    Such unjust has happened to us and SOME people fail to recognize what has happened.
    No one has to right to say who should die and who should live.. Whoever speaks in such manner is clearly out of his/her place.
    Though Sikhism is not the oldest religion around it is indeed one of the strongest.

  14. Well done those few who managed to raise a voice in protest against such unforgiveable crimes. It is sad the UK Govt has totally ignored Sikh mass community in this regard. Crying shame on all.

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