Corruption Scandal at El Sobrante Gurdwara Sparks Violence

El Sobrante, CA—On the heels of allegations of sexual affairs between employees of El Sobrante Gurdwara and the ensuing cover up, Sangat again rallied to demand transparency from the Gurdwara committee this past Sunday. People wanted to know the truth but the ex-president of the Gurdwara, Gurbachan Singh, dealt with this issue and the selection of a new committee behind the scenes—but sangat wanted it to be transparent, open and honest.

El Sobrante Gurdwara is controlled by 5 Gursikhs called the “Panj Singh” or “Governing Body” who then hand over day to day operations to a committee, including the President. Normally, the Panj are selected by a quorum of applicants.

Gurbachan Singh
Gurbachan Singh

Gurbachan Singh’s term was set to expire this month and a new Panj was to be formed to select a new committee. Some say Gurbachan Singh was afraid of his reputation being effected by his cover up the employee mischief and their subsequent firings. Others say he wanted the Gurdwara to be controlled by people who support him. Whatever the case, it is clear that many feel his group was afraid of losing power.

Earlier this month, when the time came to pick the new Panj, the sangat submitted more than fifty-five nominations for the new Panj to the Committee. But the committee made excuses, saying that the applications were incomplete and they discarded more than three quarters of them.

“They should not have been on plain pieces of paper,” said one committee member.

According to our research, this may not be a valid reason for disqualification because in the By-laws of the Gurdwara, it is stated that applicants are allowed to submit requests to the Panj Singh on a plain piece of paper. Regardless, the meeting to choose the Panj was never formally called and Gurbachan Singh hand-picked the Governing Body from his associates—including non amritdharis. This was a violation of the by-laws and goes against Sikh practices.

Many at the Gurdwara feel the applications were simply discarded without any consideration at all, whether they were correctly filled or not.

The Panj then took it upon themselves to install a new committee, after again rejecting 95% of over 120 applications for committee members, including 10 youth, without any sangat input. The committee was announced on July 15th. Normally the Panj would call each applicant and interview them, but they did not do so. At a meeting, the sangat asked them to stop their selection process. The Panj agreed and left, but they came back at night and picked the committee behind closed doors.

Along with two other youth applicants, Tanisha Kaur Sandhu approached the Panj at an early morning meeting and asked for the applications in order to see what was wrong with them. The new Panj refused to produce the applications.

“If mistakes were made at all on the applications, why not show them to us to confirm it? Tell us what we did wrong. These are educated youth, how do we not know how to fill out an application? Why were we not called to say ‘hey you didn’t write your address’ or ‘hey you made a mistake here?’ Nowhere in the bylaws does it say to reject applicants based on mistakes made on the applications,” Tanisha Kaur said.

One of the committee members that was chosen was Prem Singh. When he was confronted at the Gurdwara, he admitted he did not fill out an application and was not interviewed.

This past Sunday, July 22nd, Harpeet Singh Sandhu, Tanisha’s father and a widely respected member of the community, got up to the podium in the main hall to lodge a formal complaint and let the sangat know that the bylaws were not followed and the new committee was selected in an illegal process. He made a case for why the committee should not be allowed to move forward. Harpreet Singh asked how people got on the committee who had not filled out applications, while those who had followed the process were rejected without consideration.

Following this, Kulwant Singh, the new committee’s President, got up and thanked Harpreet Singh for his opinion, side-stepped the questions, and said that the committee is already set, there is no room for negotiation.

“The Sangat deserves to know what is going on behind closed doors,” said Tanisha, explaining why her father had to speak out.

While Kulwant Singh was speaking, one of the new Panj members was recording people in the sangat having discussions on the issue. One sangat member asked him to stop recording and that is when things got heated.

About fifty members of the sangat reacted and ran to them to break up the argument. It escalated into a pushing and shoving match inside the darbar hall and eventually leading outside. Darshan Singh, one of the new panj, forcefully pushed Amar Singh Malhi to the ground and proceeded to beat him.

When the fight broke out, the Head Granthi Makhan Singh immediately did Sukhasan and took Guru Sahib’s saroop up to sachkhand.

Darshan Singh
Darshan Singh

Meanwhile, Darshan Singh removed Amar Singh’s Dastar and slammed him against the wall so hard, even people on other floors of the large Gurdwara reported hearing it. Witnesses say that Amar Singh had only been privately complaining before this fight, without any provocation. After Amar Singh was on the floor, Darshan Singh tried to flee the scene and the sangat attempted to apprehend him. Once the fight moved outside, the Granthis did parkash again and Bhai Parpal “Soorma” Singh did keertan and kathaa trying to get people to calm down.

One individual was hurt during the altercation, he later told the police that Darshan Singh had allegedly cut him on the forehead with his small kirpan. The victim had a two inch gash and was bleeding. This is a gross violation of Sikh tenets and beliefs regarding proper use and respect of the Kirpan.

The Contra Costa County Sherriff and ambulances came after the injured victim dialed 911. Darshan Singh was arrested but according to reports, he was later released on bail.

The Sherriff’s deputies came into the main hall briefly with their shoes on and made an announcement that everyone should “put your shoes on and go home.”

The Sherriff’s deputies said that public safety came first over religious belief. They effectively shut down the Gurdwara, even those eating langar, had to walk out with their plates in their hands.

One of the youth applicants commented, “It’s sad that all of this is going on at the Gurdwara Sahib. This past committee has neglected to follow the by-laws written out for picking the panj singh and committee. They have illegally and forcefully hand selected individuals in the five Singhs and the committee, some of which are relatives of theirs. They have rejected the rights of the sangat and have ignored the voice of the youth.”

The new committee and Panj seemed to be acting contrary to the bylaws of the Gurdwara. This case will now most likely go to court and waste the sangat’s money. The Youth and opposition tried very hard over the last few months to work with Gurbachan Singh and his committee, but they would not cooperate.

“It is shameful that such a small faction has chosen to put their own self-interests and personal egos ahead of doing that which is in the best interest of the sangat as a whole. I’m sad to say that it may take a judge’s decree to remove these individuals from power since they have so egregiously violated the by-laws time and time again and refuse to step down.” said one concerned member of the sangat who asked not to be named.

“Unfortunately, it will likely take several months for it to work itself out and in the process unnecessarily consume thousands of dollars spent on litigation. But in the end, everyone needs to remain calm and be mindful of the fact that this is a house of worship, one where we come to serve Guru Sahib, not ourselves,” he continued.

“If they had just followed the bylaws for this process to happen, none of this would have happened. They proceeded to illegally pick the Panj Singhs and illegally pick the committee. They rejected the voice of the sangat and ignored the voice of the youth. That’s how I see it,” said Tanisha Kaur.


YouTube video from the general body meeting a few weeks ago:

Watch this video on YouTube.


  1. From Bhagat Kabir in ‘Kabir Ratnavali’,

    Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye
    Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye

    I searched for the bad/corrupt person, but did not meet a single one. When I searched my mind, no one turned up to be worse/more corrupt than “I”.

  2. It is ok to fight with kirpans to become president,etc but not ok when police comes to intervene.That’s why these people were sent out from India.Shame and learn something.Is this is Sikhi?
    If we look at police dispatches based on gurdwara fights then we will be shocked that what they think about us.

  3. ek gurudware ch tan tusi ikathe reh nahi sakde. ek duje diyan paga layi jande. khalistan ch ki rahunge.vancuver gurudware ch ladayi corruption, smethick england ch ladayi, california ch ladayi, talan gurudware ch ch ladayi. you people have history of fighting in gurudwaras and killing each others.

  4. Based on my information, I agree with the above story. The only way to bring peace at this time in this and at other Gurdwaras at election time is to put all the names of the applicants in a box and pick one name or slips at a time at random in front of Guru Granth Sahib and in front of the whole Sangat in Sunday diwan. People who really want to be on the office committee can pray to The Guru , so that their name comes up. No higher or specific degree (MS or PH.D, accounting may help) is required to do sewa. If the picked person happen to be with a known criminal record, drug or alcohol abuse, golak, community money or goods cheater, he or she should be replaced by picking a new slip from the box at that time or at a later date. Panj Piaras or selected committee members can all be biased( relatives or friends) as it happend at this time. Also only one applicant from one address should apply and same member can not return for at least 5 years or for 2 terms etc. Left over applicants can do other kind of sewa and help the committee. This way loosers can only blame their own luck and not disturb the whole community’s peace of mind and make Gurdwara as a scary battle ground. The well educated, well behaved, sikhi sarup youth children, who have done sewa for years (learning and teaching keertan etc. to children) should be given special positions or roles, even if their name did not come up from the box.I pray to Guru Ji to make selected members rise above their own ego and help to bring peace and love in the community.

  5. I am really confused about whats happening at the El Sobrante Gurdwara. I am not really aware of the election stuff or the what the Sandhus or Malhis or Darshan did. I just want to know the TRUTH AND FACTS. Everyone needs to calm down and breathe. We are supposed to be peaceful and spread the peace, but it looks like we Sikhs are spreading the violence and hatred that our very Gurus taught us not to do. Please everyone just sit down and communicate with each other without verbally or physically abusing anyone. I think we all can be that mature now as human beings.

  6. i am also proud of Gurbachan Singh and his entire team.They have done excellent job all these years.It is the same group who is making trouble every sunday.This Article will do nothing against them,These little things happen with good people, they are not even botherd.Tanisha or anyone else could say anything they want…Oh come on, bunch of loosers…hor bhichare ker bhee sakde hai….shame one those people who are trying to disgrace for our sikh community.Tanisha and Harpreet Singh Sandhu is trying to use our gurdwara Sahib for their political career.

  7. Everyone in Gurudwara is GOLAK CHOR… No Matter What…. That is the reason I don’t go to Gurudwara and Don’t Give A Single Dollar There because RABB MERE DIL VICH VASDA…… All these Corrupted AMRITDHARI’s have big Truck Transports, Liquor Stores, Garment Stores, Businesses WITH THE SANGAT MONEY Stolen from the Gurughar Golak’s. BOYCOTT them and have the RABB RESIDE IN YOUR HEART and not making a Gurudwara Everyday for Business Purpose.

    • Yeah i guess you hope every single gurdwara closes down. You are not rab da nimana banda, you are agent of Hindu indian regime. These people may have faults, but they keep gurdwaras running and sikhi growing. If it wasn’t for gurdwara Sikhi would have never taken root in west. You keep you rabb in your heart, we will have it in Guru Granth Sahib.

  8. I am glad some of the applications got denied. There is only specific people who are against Gurbachan Singh. These specific applicants have history of criminal record. Also there is certain applicant who are drug addicts. I dont think gurudwara should be ran by criminals or druggies. I can bring entire bio data for these people infront of saad sangat. These articles or videos aint going to get you guys anywhere. I am really proud of Sikhs that they didnt let criminals and druggies to get in gurudwara comitte.

  9. The irony is that Tanisha Sandhu who was boasting about her educational credentials on july 15th meeting didn’t even know how many applications she filled for committee member. It should be 1 but she had more than one. Sandhu family had 3 or 4 applications. What does this tell about their intentions, clearly intentions were not to do sewa but to create disturbance and lawlessness. Shame harpreet sandhu. Disgrace for sikh community and for contra costa county public.

  10. Ok let me try this again.

    YouAreNoKhalsa, has stated such falsehood! The Gurdwara survelliance video shows a very differnt story. Darshan and his young son were clearly attacked by the Malhis. While the malhis are acting like wild animals (older men yonger men and ladies included) Harpreet Sandhu is seen just standing around not once attempting to stop the chaos that his close friends had started.His main goal was to rile up the Malhis and create utter mayhem inside the Main Hall! Going to the media and lying trying to persuade people with lies is such a pittiful thing to do. Harpreet and Tanisha are not angels, they are trying to use the Gurdwara to further enhance their chances of political careers. It is such a shame. Malhis should be banned and the Sandhus’ should be asked what their true intentions are!

    The video of the sad events that took place last sunday will be handed out to the Sangat on sunday. Everyone will be able to see the truth.

  11. Hey just to let you know whoever you are ,stop pointing fingers at people..why don’t you bring the issue to local sangat and let them decide..don’t forget the person who was attacked by 20-30 bunch of guys ,he is also someone s father..the problem is harpreet Singh sandhu and Malhi s family who does not want peace at the gurdwara sahib..please people stop hating each other..take this politics somewhere else not in our gurdwara…don’t forget this is the same family keep making our sangat suffer at the gurdwara ..keep in mind god is there ..god is watching..

  12. Youre no khalsa, youre saying darshan got jumped? Lol youre comedian, he messed one of the malhi up. Really proud of him. Lol

  13. This is why decent people stop going to their local gurudwaras. What a massive waste of money if this has to be sorted by a judge at cost. Please send the money for poor, hungry, orphans, terminally ill, families of shaheeds, or other modest needy people and simply shut your gurudwara if you cannot attend it without physically assaulting each other, and playing petty games of who gets to tell everyone what to do. Genuine sangat/devotees of Sikhi/decent civilised law abiding people shud always be respected. It is same in so many places. My local gurdwara is a joke. Im unsure that even nitnem is appropriately practised on a daily basis. There is follower of Sikhi in the committee. One meeting I attended, was a reflection of uneducated stone age who can shout and abuse the loudest competition. Never went again. Biggest problem is the golak, wish it was never in the gurdwara, it attracts the wrong sort of people. Donate what is needed instead of money. That way it wont be abused for court cases. Fund genuine causes only.

  14. The Gurdwara survelliance video shows a much different tale then the one that was just offered by YouAreNoKhalsa. Malhi is clearly seen being the first to attack Darshan and his kids. Harpreet Sandhu is seen just standing around not at all trying to stop the madness that the Malhi family is creating inside the MAIN HALL! It is a shame that Harpreet Sandhu, a man once well respected in the community, supports such a stupid, barbaric, violent family such as the Malhis’. He was downstairs before the speech telling the Malhis” to come upstairs before he begins his speech. He clearly riles them up. the Malhis should be banned an d Harpreet should be asked what his real motives are.
    The sad video from last Sunday will be handed out to the Sangat this Sunday. Everyone can see for themselves what the truth is.

  15. why cant we have peace at the gurdwara sahib.i am sure that people like you who wrote this article go on and disturb the peace at the gurdwara.These kind of people should not be allow at the Gurdwara sahib.again you are just keep saying all this negative thinngs about the commettie cause you did not get selected.

    • Please read my whole comment. Then realize why things are happening instead of shielding Mr.Darshan. He is totally responsible for all the darama along with Gurbachan, Panuu, Kulwant and Harjap. if he was such a great person then why did he jump older Malhi instead of staying clam last weekend…. do you really think you are going to be smiling if someone attached your father…. hell noo……! This is why he got jumped and treatment he got was long over due for him.

  16. Just to let you knoe whoever youre, all malhis came to states through gurughar sponsorship. Thore jehe ghummar india reh gae theyre trying to get them here. Bring any person infront of sangat that darshan singh sponsored. I swear to god just cuzz of harpreet singh sandhu anduneducated malhis, entire gurughars sangat is suffering. Jisdin hath char ke gaal fer koi hun hor hi huni.

  17. Darshan is no Gursikh. Darshan is a biggest crook who has been using gurdwra to sponsor so many people to US from Punjab in order to make money by charging the sponsored people.

    Main reason for last week’s fight was that Darshan (main player and deciding factor in 5 Sings and new committee) secretly selected the new gurdwara committee at undisclosed location without the knowledge of 99% of local Sikh Sangat. After failed to selected committee members in Sangat, second time there was no announcement about location and time where this selection took place.

    On July 15th, with show of force by inviting so many people from out of area, Darshan and older committee announced the new committee, knowing more than half of the snagat resisted this decision.

    On July 22, older committee failed to answers questions not why Darshan and 4 other singhs have selected Prem Singh to server on the new committee when Prem Singh never applied to server on the committee and ignoring more than 50 applicants who applied to serve on the committee. When the lies were starting to get exposed, instead of giving the reasoning, new committee leader Kulwant Singh (scared while addressing the sangat) tried hide how he and others in the committee were selected and try to justify their administration until sangat members spoke. Soon there after, many huge fights spread though out the main Gurdwrara hall where Darshan knocked out older Malhi family person thus knocking is turban off his head and then he was approached by other people and was given the same treatment while the new and old committee members watched the whole show instead of stopping the brawl. This is a sad event in the history of El Sobrante Sikh History

  18. History repeats it self for Harpreet Sandhu


    To: Sikh Center Parbandhak Committee
    From: J.P. Singh, Applicant for Vacant Parbhandak Committee Position
    Subject: Protest to the Parbhandhak Committee Member Selection Process
    Date: July 8, 2001

    It is with a great pain that I am writing this letter. Such letters are not easy to write but there comes a time that somebody has to have the courage to expose the foul, flawed, mischievous and corrupt Sikh Center parbhandak committee member selection process.

    Sequence of Events:

    This year I applied for the vacant position on the parbhandhak committee. I got a call from an unidentified person (who I later identified from the caller ID as Malhar Singh) saying that “there is a meeting at Guru Ghar at 5.00 pm on Wednesday” (exact translation of the message). He did not identify himself or even have the courtesy to check about my availability at 5.00 pm on a working day. I had a feeling that the call probably pertained to the selection of parbhandak committee members. Using the phone number from caller ID I called Malhar Singh the next day to find out the details. In particular I asked him about the number of applicants being interviewed and the duration of the interviews. The answer was simple – there are 18 applicants, the interviews are short and not all the applicants show up.

    I was planning to go for the interview but being on a working day (5.00 pm on Wednesday) I could not make it. A few days later I got a second call from Malhar Singh saying that the showing on Wednesday was poor and at the objection of some applicants who couldn’t come, the selection committee has decided to hold another round of interviews on Sunday at 2.00 pm. I told him that I would definitely be there.

    I, among many others, showed up at the Gurudwara Sahib at 2.00 pm on Sunday. Malhar Singh informed me that the interviews were called off because they do not have panj pyaras to hold the interviews. The reason given to me was that Gurdial Singh had sabotaged the second round of interviews. Malhar Singh told me that one of the panj pyara had an emergency in the family and had to go to Vancouver but to cover his absence he had already arranged for Surinder Singh a standby pyara to be in attendance. However, because Gurdial Singh was against the second round of interviews he not only had turned in his own resignation just before the interviews but had also called and stopped one “pyara” from Santa Rosa from showing up for this interview. Malhar Singh went on to explain Gurdial Singh’s motives behind these moves. He said the two main reason for holding the interviews at 5.00 pm on a working day were (1) to minimize the number of applicant turn out and (2) to bring only a few favorite candidates to the interview to facilitate the premeditated selection by a few pyaras. The reason for second interview arose from the fact that even the minimal applicant turn out resulted in a dissention among the panj pyaras and because of complaints from the absent applicants who could not attend the Wednesday interview because of its timing. Malhar Singh said that Gurdial Singh was the primary cause of (1) the split decision of the panj pyaras at the first interviews because he wanted two of his candidates selected and (2) the derailing of the second interview because it would have further weakened Gurdial Singh’s position in getting his two candidates selected.

    Protest to the Parbhandhak Committee Member Selection Process
    July 8, 2001
    Page 2

    Analysis of the Parbhandak Committee Member Selection Process

    It is amply evident from this year’s selection of parbhandaks to the vacant positions that the process is mischievous, foul, flawed, and corrupt.

    Let us start with the selection of “Panj Pyaras”. I understand that there were 38 applicants for that position and 11 of them happened to be from one street address in Hayward. Were these multiple applications put in for negotiating the pyaras of different shades to the premeditated selection of the parbhandhak committee members. Are there any requirements spelled out in the by laws pertaining to the qualifications of the pyaras and, in particular, their contributions to the El Sobrante Gurdwara. Or is it just enough to be amritdhari? What are the requirements of these pyaras in terms of understanding the needs of the sikh sangat of the El Sobrante gurdwara? Do these pyaras understand the need of the sikh youth in particular when their “Amritdhari Symbols” are rapidly turning into “Gang Symbols”. I think the pyaras are only self-serving as you can see from the mischievous and conniving moves of the parbhandak committee selection process this year.
    The El Sobrante Gurdwara that the amritdharis now claim to be their “homeland” was built at the time when amritdharis were rare species among the kesadharis and sehajdharis who had a dream and the dedication to build this gurdwara. Nobody is born Amritdhari. It is only with guru’s blessing that you take amrit. For heaven’s sake do not turn this blessing into fanaticism and hatred. Please inspire your kesadhari and sehajdhari Sikhs to take amrit through love rather than hatred. Your fanaticism is already turning off a lot of people and the number grows everday that goes by.
    What do the by laws say about nepotism? Any and all pyaras whose relatives are applicants to the parbhndak committee should be disqualified from the selection committee.

    1. There is ample evidence that the selection process to date has been mischievous. All selection process to date should be declared null and void by the parbhandak committee. All pyaras who are misusing the selection to their advantage should be disqualified. The process should be restarted all over again.
    2. By Laws should be modified for the selection of panj pyaras that go well beyond in describing their qualifications than just being an amritdhari. There should be a list of requirements for their qualifications and, in particular, their contributions to and standing with the El Sobrante Gurdwara. This matter should be taken up at this year’s general body meeting.

    My Protest Demands:
    1. I am an applicant to the parbandhak committee vacancies this year. I want my interview with panj pyaras. Please call me with date and time.
    2. I would like an interview time with the parbandhak committee. Please call me with date and time.

  19. This article is one sided.why dont you try to give staetment on both sides.stop being one sided.The person did not use Kirpan against anyone.this is all happening due to Harpreet Singh Sandhu s dirty poltics.After Harpreet Singh Sandhu fail in his political career,he is behind the gurdwara sahib now.just to remind you that the matter is in the court , let the court handle it.why are you trying to be supreme court.Sangat come to the gurdwara for peace of mind not to see all the drama.They need to understand Gurdwara sahib is not look very frustrated that you did not get the control of the commettie.

  20. Harpreet sandhu should get served for his deeds, hez the main cause for all this unnecessary drama. After harpeeet singh sandhu got no where with his political career, he picked gurughar to keep some sort of influence on the gurughar, continue getting funds towards his political ambitions.

  21. All these allegations are baseless. The gurudwara is no longer a place of peace. These articles and videos on YouTube are all methods of instigating the matter further. Now I know for sure that this article is not speaking out the real voice of the sangat, but is only the voice of selected individuals who have left no leeway of defaming our Gurudwara. If the editors of this article really do care for our Gurudwara they would not go about defaming our Gurudwara. I request the writers of this article to not spread around false information in which they are defaming not only individuals, but also the gurudwara. And for all those reading this article, the truth is that this article and the video clip and the names and interviews mentioned in the article are biased. The arguments they have presented here have no base. As far as them saying that Darshan Singh had beat the above mentioned names, I’d like to clarify that self-defense is necessary. If 6 to 7 guys are beating you and your wife and kids then what would you do? Would you just stand there and say go ahead? I’m sure your answer would be NO. And no kirpan was used to hurt anyone. These are all lies. Editors please review these articles for proper citations and proof of what they are saying before posting such articles that go around defaming others. Don’t post such fake and fabricated articles.

  22. All these blames are baseless. That person didn’t use any kirpan against anyone. instead people who r putting those allegation that Gursikh (Darshan Singh), they took off his turban in the Darbar hall and beat him and his son up. New committee not trying to use any resources, but old members who r out now get upset because they cant use it anymore. So try to gave statements from both sides. STOP being one sided…

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

  23. Clearly both sides need to sit down and resolve the differences and stop fighting over house of worship control and start to pray for peace. From the video, its clear that people on both sides are not happy with each other. They need to understand Gurdwara is not their battleground and both sides need to respect the Sangat and make sure the local Sangat is involved in this recovery process.

  24. This article is clearly one sided and work of those people who are frustrated being not able to Grasp “Power” at the Gurdwara Sahib. They are now hell bent in not letting the committee to work properly. Mr. Harpreet Singh Sandhu has tried all sources, used one particular family for his own gain, used legal threats and has the matter in court, and still after that not sure why is he creating trouble on every Sunday Darbar. The matter is in court and let the court decide. Why is this group trying to be supreme, one fails to understand.

  25. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, assaulting someone in the Gurdwara and then grossly misusing the kirpan is incredibly shameful. No wonder westerners want to ban the kirpan. This person that misused their kirpan to hurt another Sikh within the Gurdwara should have their kirpan taken away as they obviously do not understand the egalitarianism, honor, and duty required to wear a kirpan.

    The kirpan is sacred and should NEVER have been used in this situation. If you want to be a thug and go around stabbing people, go get a knife from the kitchen.

    • If you were not there than i suggest that you should write comments like these. Darshan Singh was released and they have cameras which show that Darshan never reached his kirpan and also that the person that got cut was lying about darshan cutting him. The sheriff has the tape that shows darshan standing in the darbar hall and not hurting a sole so, if you don’t know anything please don’t say stuff like that also, this article should be removed because most of this article is a LIE.

  26. This article is fake. Who ever made this article should come up at gurughar stage and say all this stuff mentioned in this article. These people are the main cause of fights happening at gurudwara sahib. They should get banned from gurudwara sahib. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

    Editor’s Note: We have removed obscene profanity from this comment. Also, due to Sikh24’s inability to confirm the identity of posters online, we do not allow personal attacks unless the poster can go on record.

    • The facts in this article are all true. I suggest you go up the committee and ask them how many applications they received, how many them were rejected and to physically show you where on the applications those 120 + people made mistakes ( this WAS mentioned on statge) Furthermore, one the current committee members that was “selected” has admitted in the Gurdwara that he NEITHER filled out an application, nor was he interviewed. How is it that 1 person who neither filled out an application or was interviewed get placed in the committee and over 100 others turned away due to “mistakes” on an application. (This fact WAS also mentioned on stage by the way). I advise you to go read the By-laws of the Gurdwara to get a better understanding of this matter.

      • Are the By Laws more important than the peace of our Gurudwara and the well-being of our Sangat? Why is that every Sunday people like those who have written then article go on and disturb the peace of the Gurudwara?

      • Hey Sikh, Why don’t you tell your so called “Rejected Application Club Members” that read by-laws properly where it says form for the selection committee is available from the office. Also tell Harpreet Sandhu and Ravinder Batth ( coward who quit committee and joined hands with Sandhu, in hopes of getting charge of committee again) that they did not let the meeting happen for Panj Singhs not once but more than 3 times. Now when the committee is already working your club members have resorted to the uncivilized behavior of wild animals beating people and cursing people. Why can’t you be peaceful and take the matter to Sangat and let them decide. You look more frustrated that you did not get control of committee.

      • …… obviously you didn’t read anything I wrote since you didn’t answer any of my questions or address any of my points. Good job of dodging the facts. …

        First and foremost it is obvious that you have not read the By Laws, but if you want to educate yourself I would suggest you read Article VII Section 1 of the bylaws so it may shed some light on your misconceptions of the By Laws.

        Secondly, those Panj Singhs were illegal because they were selected by the Pardaan ( against the By laws and the meeting took behind closed doors in the dark of night) …..oh…By the way. one of those ” Panj Singhs” was arrested this last sunday by the sheriff for Assault ( or worse) …… which resembles more of a wild animal type behavior to me. ..

        In addition, the Bylaws are the voice of the sangat. I suggest you read them see for yourself how the voice of the sangat has been suppressed..I applaud Mr. Harpreet Sandhu for standing up for the rights of the Sangat, unlike some who don’t follow the rules and regulations of the Gurdwara. So instead of going in circles with you since you are incapable of having any intellectual and meaningful conversation based on facts, I will wait for some concrete answer rather then some word garbage .


    Isn’t it shameful that we are just 1.8% in India and probably less than 0.5% globally yet can’t keep a positive image of our community in unison. In the East, we are constantly being ill-treated, or ignored due to small numbers, in the west, we are often mistaken for other people who are probably few centuries bakcward than us due to mistaken ideas about turbans and beards.

    To me being a sikh is all about being progressive, democratic, particpative, community service, family life, sacrifice, hardwork, promotion of female rights, equality and progress and protection of individual freedoms, liberty and choices. We stand for some of the most forward looking and open ideas in this world. Yet ‘haumay’ or ‘ego’ is difficult to overcome. As they say, the term ‘sardar’ means a ‘leader’ and some of us think it simply means going after entitlements and control of social institutions like Gurudwara.

    Frankly, people who cut off hair and yet practice even 10% of these values are far more valuable to the Gurughar than the ones who keep turbans off yet make a cruel mockery of sikhs and sikhism via ego fights like some monkeys from the jungle. Our tenth teacher famously said that to him Rehat (or Conduct) is more beloved than being a Sikh in appearance. While I sport my turban with elan be it Wall St or my pind in India, I am always aware that action is all that matters. Simply being nice and helpful to others would be a good start in being a valuable human being. Being a good sikh is harder.

  28. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh
    It’s really a shame when Sikhs come to blows in Gurdwara Sahib over politics. They really ought to hold elections elsewhere and reserve Gurdwara for keertan and seva.


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