Radhasoamis Destroy Historical Gurdwara Near Beas

Radhasoami Cult Leader

AMRITSAR SAHIB—Sikh24 has received information that followers of Dera Radhasoami Sat Sang, headquartered in Beas, have destroyed a part of a historical Gurdwara located in the village Waraich and have forcibly taken over land from this village.   There are growing concerns that Radhasoami Sat Sang (sometimes spelled Radhaswami) is illegally taking land from defenseless villages—and with their ever growing influence over high Government offices, no actions are being taken.

The destruction of parts of the historical Gurdwara has shocked the villagers who are expecting local authorities to take action. An earlier incident in which Dera officials forced local villagers to sell their houses to the Dera administration went largely unnoticed.

Response by Sikh Jathebandis

According to a press release published on Dal Khalsa’s blog, the organisation is going to take strict action to stop the illegal activities by the dera administration.  Sikh organisations, including: Dal Khalsa, Damdami Taksal (Ajnala), Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee (Bhai Mucchal), Sikh Student Federation (Bhai Gopala) along with Gursikhs from all over Punjab reached Waraich to protest the illegal activities of the Dera.

The situation remained tense between the Sikh Sangat and followers of the Radhasoami cult, best known for having created a number of lineages of “gurus” purporting to be at the same level as the Sikh Gurus.  The Radhasoamis locked the entrance to the Dera premises and remained armed with wooden sticks.

Sikh youth were also heavily armed and seen ready to take action against those who committed the sacrilegious act of illegally occupying the Gurdwara land and destroying the Gurdwara building.

Police officers were present in large numbers, though it is always unpredictable as to what the police’s real intentions are.

Lack of Action by Local Authorities

Local Radhasoamis hold strong influence on local administrations—due to which they were able to blockade the road and bar entry to the Gurdwara by Sikh Sangat.  Police authorities promised to take action by July 17th and requested Sikh Sangat to remain calm during these tense times.  A blockade has also been imposed on the Gurdwara building, so that its remains are not destroyed further.

History Repeating for Waraich Residents

This is not the first time residents of Waraich have encountered problems with the Beas based dera.  In 1990, the Radhasoami “sangat” tried to block the road to the Gurdwara.  At that time, Baba Thakur Singh, Jathedar of Damdami Taksal (Bhindrawale) was quick to intercept the activity of the dera.  He started a series of Akhand Paths on the road itself which forced the Beas followers to withdraw and allow access to the Gurdwara.

In 2006, the SGPC had filed a lawsuit against the Dera for illegally taking over ownership of land which was formerly in the name of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, gifted in 1932 by a Gursikh named Santa Singh of Waraich.  The land remained under the name of Guru Granth Sahib until 1985, when its ownership was somehow transferred to the Radhasoami cult.


  1. JST Read the blog and its that there is peace by radha soamis all over why r people looking to the mattr in biased way no one knowing anything in detail ….is jst commenting and even abusing …….and the last line of the blog shows evrthing….. Radha Soami is nor a religion neither do they want to be in competition with the sikhs ….we respect all the religions and follow all f them ……..videos r being uploaded on utube about babaji and r vry disturbing …….i knw its a mattr of pst bt stilll all wwhat is writtten in the blog is unbelieveable and needs to be taken down its nt based on any factss

  2. listen up :) everyone is entitled to their own opinion.news cast people are all about getting people hyper through media.sikh has every right to be upset BUT Radha soami satsang people are not bad and didnt intend to do anything wrong. the land was theirs, if it was illegal the government would of taken actiin when the “crime” was taken place.im sure thats not the only sikh temple :)

  3. Radha swami are showing their real faces now.time has come to realize ourselves and commit ourselves to guru Granth sahib Ji.than we be able to regain our respect for Sikhs and Sikhism.most importatly rebuild our Gurdwara sahib on same spot gadha harammi (Radha swami) cult destroyed. Secondly stop them mixing gurbani with their writings.

  4. …There is nothing to make a issue, RSSB gave enough money for land and gurudwara and promised to make new one near by the village and they agreed for it. and RSSB took action else they would not hve. . even if we take in a legal way no one can stop social organizations , hospital , school, college , bus stand , to expand their geographical area , there is no hatred interest beyond this , the action took was not by any individual or master gurinder singh, he have nothing to do with this. RSSB is a committee which is responsible body for running dera , they approached with offer on which they agreed but later it was highlighted in newspapers to make it issue. we all are humans and must practise humanity , instead of sticking to any religion or any organisation, let the issue to be handled by the RSSB and JAthedars of AKAL TAKHT and we play a role of being neutral and make peace for sake of humanity. one thing do not forget before relgion we are humans. and religions are practised for the sake of humanity and be a good human being. …

  5. I did some reserach and found.

    The disputed land, belonging to Warrach panchayat, was allegedly sold to Dera Radha Soami Sect without obtaining the mandatory approval from Director Panchayats of Punjab Government.

    So the fault is of village paanchayat who sold that land without approval.
    they can made anything what athey want if they bought. its same as we buy a plot of land and make our house in whichever way we want to.
    I think there can be a lawsuit against village panchayat for selling disputed land telling there own and also creating forge documents.

  6. Radha Soami are not at faultOnce land is bought the owner has full right to do as they feel best, it is no-ones right to obstruct them.no-one can accuse anyone, as no law is being broken.

  7. There are some Sikhs on here that know the facts, the Gurdwara has been voluntarily sold by the administration. Then you have the presenters who are trying to make RS look very bad, because its jealously.
    It even come on the news, they were even saying that there is no trouble and everyone is adhering to the rules, yet stuff still is being made up.

  8. i think dere is need of peace ..saanu firr punjab da mahoall khaarab nai hon dena chahidaaaaa……….es nu beth ke araam naal sort out karna chahida haiiiiiiiii…………………bcz we are all brothers nd sisters nd god is one
    te kujj lokk bass punjab ch sirf dange karvaana chahnde ne……so be ware of these type of people

    • gurinder ji don’t worry nothing is going to happen wrong like dange etc… u know oh God saadian problems dour kar sakda ae ta aapni ih chhoti jehi problem ni sort out kar sakda?..sab theek ho jaega peacefully.need not to worry everybody.

  9. i think some people without knowing the fact making a big issue..
    As a devoted Sikh, i feel that we should feel jealous to the expansion of rssb, see what is good in such organisation which is preaching actually the bani of our Gurus only.Lets open our eyes to know all facts and then decide what to do and not to follow foolishly to anything

  10. I have recently visited that area to find out the facts.The gurudwara land has been voluntarilly sold by Gurudwara administration.And the holy book was taken to new place with all the due respect & religious rites.No force of any sort has been used by Radhaswamis as alleged.I request people should not be misled by this inflammable material.

  11. I being a devoted Sikh and responsible citizen of India, feel that whatever is happening is sad. I have gone through both the articles of Ajit Newspaper as mentioned in the above link.
    As a neutral person, i can say that firstly beas authorities should not have initiated this sort of drive. However, now if the panchayat has sold such land to radhasoamis and have received amount and re-constructed the new Gurdwara, then there is not harm, if it has been done with agreement of all local/panchayat of that village.
    This memorises me a story of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj, when he was in Mecca and was declared Kafir by a Maulvi, since his feets were faced towards Mecca. He then questioned Maulvi to put his feets in the direction where God was not present and thus changed the mind to Maulvi.
    So, according to me God is present everywhere and land doesn’t matters, if Gurudwara has been relocated to a better place for the facility of residents and with the agreement of Panchayat.

    As a devoted Sikh, i feel that we should feel jealous to the expansion of rssb, see what is good in such organisation which is preaching actually the bani of our Gurus only. Else, it would be the same case as if the Mughals were against the preachings of our Gurus and did atrocities on them just because they were not following Islam and were preaching reality things about attaining GOD.

  12. Dear all, I have a query for all. My mother is a Devout Sikh and she had installed Guru Granth Sahib at our house from last 35 years and she had been worshiping there without leaving any single day. Due to my mother’s warm nature and love for God, a few of neighbours(around 20) had been coming to our house to pay homage to Guru Granth Sahib installed at our house, since there was no Gurudwara nearby.
    Now that my family has grown and we are planning to shift to bigger house, I really concerned and afraid seeing the situation of Gurudwara at Waraich village.

    Please somebody suggest me what to do in this situation.

  13. Also gurdwara sahib was not historical.The historical gurdwara is in baba bakala.This was a local gurdwara sahib and building was vacant since ages .Some people are trying to create tension in the communities as confirmed in daily ajit.

    • it doesn’t matter if the Gurdwara was vacant, a municipal government has no authority to give away land like that in India

  14. Dear all, this is sad to know thru the news of AJIT Amritsar of 10th July, that the some radical groups are trying to create tension in the varaich village, when it has been established in front of Akal Takht Jathedar Singh Sahib Gurbachan Singh ji, that the whatever has been done was done in agreement with the panchayat of Varaich Village.

    We all having responsibility of carrying the teachings of our great heritage of Sikh Gurus, must not follow anything which is propagated by some anti-social elements, who think that they can just make fool of our religious sentiments, by pushing us into such things to fight and thus they become great leaders of religion.

    Lets open our eyes to know all facts and then decide what to do and not to follow foolishly to anything.

    • No Panchayat have right to distroy Gurdawaras…Radha soami master Gurinder is just making his property if you don’t believe just go to http://www.theRadhasoami.com or http://www.scienceofthesoul.co.uk, there are many places you can find the truth. I have personal experience and asked him many question and he was really trying to ignore these questions…….His both kids got education in UK and he spent million of dollers on his elder son’s wedding…..He is a pure business man and exploiting simple people like you.

      • for your knowledge you should know that master gurinder singh do not take a single penny FROM THE RSSB for himself nor for his family. you need to know his family background before you make any statement,

  15. Being a nearby resident, we know it was all done in agreement with Village Panchayat and Sarpanch Ji had announced that Village had exchanged land with Dera. So lets keep peace and not make issue out of it.

  16. I think it was all done in agreement with Waraich Village Panchayat. We can refer Ajit Newspaper (Amritsar Edition) – Second Headline Right Side

  17. Khalsa Ji please get the facts together before making any decisions regarding who is to blame. The Sarpanch of the village Varaich Bhai Sulakhan Singh has made an announcement on Sangat Day and Night News at 8pm on the 9.7.12. He has said “the village exchanged the land with The Dera and there is no problem. Also some land was sol to The Dera.” He states “some external Sikh Jathebandis are deliberately falsifying facts to create trouble”.

    Khalsa Ji what is happening. Have we started using lies to degrade the so called anti-sikh organisations and Deras. What will Dasmesh Pitta say today. Are we the Khalsa he created that relies on lies.
    Please Khalsa Ji stop this and live Sikhi.

    • Bhai sulakhan is dera radha swami follower. If he exchanged land can he give proof where is the another piece of land which he get. Also these radhaswamis destroyed puritan gurudwara of Mata Ganga ji and now there eyes is on this gurudwara sahib. Gurus created cities so that people can live but these radhaswamis are destroying people house and life. If you want to know the truth go to village itself by your eyes and also speak to villagers.

    • so some ghosts came in with JCB’s to destroy gurudwara sahib. They dug 30 foot holes in the ground adjacent to people’s houses and gurudwara so that when rain comes all will come down automatically. Go to village itself and see by your own eyes.

  18. Its really sad & shameful for the people who did this…but we can’t blame to that guru who have never taught to his followers to do these kind of cheap things,this is totally against to our babaji “kyonki bache agr kuch vi galat karde ne taan naam te maa piyaan da hi khraab honda hai, kyonki koi vi maa piyo apne bacheean nu galat mat nhi dende”so plz thiz is my humble request to all the people who did this stop doing this shameful things ………..

  19. We can do peacefull protest here in the uk outside they’re meeting and placed where they worship or do whatever they do .

  20. Khalse we gotta be organized their getting more on the offensive to destroy Sikhi and the Khalsa spirit

  21. We shouldn’t allowed any one no matter who they are to destroyed our Gurudwaras.
    Who are Radhaswamis? Bekh dikhao jagat ko.
    SGPC should take a action against them,
    The Jathedaar of Akal Takhats where are they Now. they do know how to banned some one else but not it’s our Gurudwara we have to stop these peoples otherwise we will suffer alote

  22. To sad & shameful for every one.
    How they can destroyed the Gurudwara.
    The Jathedaars of Akal Takhat & SGPC should take a action against Radha Swami.
    DEra-vaad should be banned.

    • Binder, You are right. Question is this how they can destroyed the Gurudwara? Dera-vaad should be banned but tell me one thing what should be allowed? Pubs, Disco Bar, Thekke, are all these things are related to Sikh Panth? If you want Dera-vaad should be banned then first we have to start banned Pubs, Disco Bar, Theeke and other violent activities.

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