Sikh Children’s Day in Fremont a Great Success

FREMONT, CA, USA— Over 250 Sikh children and their families participated in multiple events and competitions held at Gurdwara Sahib Fremont on Saturday, June 23, 2012. Families travelled over 50 miles to participate in the day’s events. The day’s competitions included: Gurbani memorization, Parshada competition, Spontaneous speaking, Gatka, Tanti Saaj, Basketball, a scavenger hunt, Art contest, and an eggless baking competition. Throughout the day kids were encouraged to participate in multiple events by being given tickets which they could redeem at a gift booth.

The highlight of the day for many children was “Sakhi Land,” an interactive exhibit that took kids “From Anandpur Sahib to Talwandi Sabo.” Sakhi Land included a puppet show, sakhi telling, live kirtan, and used trees, water and sand to give children the feeling of living through the sakhis they were hearing. After kids left Sakhi Land they had the opportunity to ride on horses that were brought in for the event.

The event packed day ended with a divaan led by children. During the divaan the Gurdwara Committee announced educational programs it is developing for youth, including: SAT classes, Math Courses, and Academic Scholarships. Following the announcement the winners of each event were given trophies and recognized for their accomplishments in sangat (the congregation). The top students from Fremont Gurdwara’s Sunday Khalsa School were also recognized for their acheivements.

The event was put together with the collective efforts of Fremont Gurdwara’s management Committee and countless sevadars who spent months organizing the event.


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