Wake Up Call to the Panth: Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara (Part 3 of 3)

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Khalsa Jee, due to the events of June and November 1984, many Sikhs who witnessed this holocaust and were horrified by what they saw, their self-respect challenged them to do something. To free the Panth from the shackles of the government, in order to make our own homeland of Khalistan and to fight in all spheres of life to achieve this aim, the Singhs imprisoned in Tihar Jail, Delhi – also made our heartfelt wishes known to the Sikhs in June 2011. In the open court of the Panth we suggested some new proposals.

Last year a few days prior to the month of June – press statements started to be issued about making a memorial to the Shaheeds (martyrs) of June 1984.  The SGPC to quell the issue along with so-called ‘Panthik’ organisations agreed on a resolution to construct a memorial. For some time now – this routine of passing half-hearted resolutions to quell issues has been going on, with no intent of implementation. But, why? Why for such a long time has this demand of the Panth not been fulfilled? With the signalling of those counter to our interests, the SGPC has passed a resolution to implement the memorial but alongside this, it has created a controversy by deciding to give the traitor Santa Singh Nihang an equal footing to the Shaheeds and warriors of June 1984.  By doing this a question mark has been placed over the whole issue of a memorial and a new controversial debate has been created. This memorial was aimed at uniting the already fragmented Panth, but this has now also become an issue to further fragment the Panth.  The SGPC did not feel the joy that the Panth did, when passing the resolution to construct the memorial, or the fulfilment of the dream that the Panth had wished for. If the SGPC has made this decision, it should break all ties with the powers against Panthik interests and surrender only and only at the feet of the Guru Panth.  Then the memorial should be constructed in line with Sikh history and Sikh ideals.

From reading world history, one learns that like the Sikhs, the Jews were persecuted and pogroms of ethnic cleansing and genocide were enacted upon them.  Out of the 8.8 million Jews, 6 million were massacred, which is 67% of their population. Even after such mass executions and genocide the remaining Jews did not lose heart, nor did they broker any deals with their oppressors.  On the contrary, they fought against all odds for their own homeland, and today they have their own homeland and are recognised as a sovereign nation.  The point of significance is that the Jews have painstakingly gone to the effort of making memorials at all sites where they were massacred.  They have thus preserved their history.  They have kept all the proof of the genocide they suffered, with which, today, no one can deny that these horrific events took place. By visiting the holocaust museum, visitors are left aghast and shocked when they bear witness to this history.  Today the murderers of these inhumane acts are cursed and lambasted for their depravation.

My reason for giving the example of the Jews is to point out to those who have praised the SGPC for approving the construction of a memorial, that we – the Sikhs, have undergone even more oppression than the Jews. The Jews were only persecuted by the Nazi regime, whereas the Sikhs have been persecuted from the inception of their faith, firstly by the Moghuls, then came the British and today it is the Hindustan government is the aggressor. Each government tried its best to eliminate the Sikhs and the Sikhs triumphed in the face of adversity. We arose each time and our resolve grew stronger at each attempt to undermine us.  This has been the story of each regime that has ruled the Indian subcontinent.  The Khalsa fought valiantly each time, with its distinct and awe inspiring battle techniques, blazing its swords and artillery, made its enemies taste the iron of the Khalsa arms.

The June 1984 memorial should not be a simple spot at which people pay obeisance, rather it should become a unique and incomparable memorial, that encapsulates this glorious history of ours.  It should clearly show the reasons for the Indian government’s army assault, the history of this attack and the Dharam Yudh Morcha prior to the attack.  It should re-tell the story of Amar Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranvale fighting until his last breath and the present struggle of Sikhs fighting for their sovereign state – Khalistan.  It should tell us the future road map of how we will fight until we achieve sovereignty, collating all artefacts relating to Operation Blue Star and narrate how the Indian government alienated and persecuted the honourable and respected community of Saints, the Sikhs.  Sikhs were portrayed on an international level as secessionist traitors and criminals, stalling the success of Sikhs in all walks of public life.  The Khalsa Panth has never committed any crimes against humanity – the Sikhs have rather been ever loyal and sacrificed their minds, bodies and wealth to foreign governments.

The world is witness to the fact that Sikhs as a minority – a mere 2% of the population – have achieved astonishing feats.  At Saragarhi, the Sikh regiment fought against impossible odds, which was recognised by the British Parliament, and the Sikhs were rewarded for these acts of valour,  teaching the world that the Sikh Panth never prefers to see the face of defeat. A Field Marshall named William Joseph Slim writes, “When you trust and live with the Sikhs, then you shall never be depressed.” This is proof of the Sikhs trustworthiness and friendliness.

My reason for giving the above examples is simply to portray my wish, that whoever visits Sri Darbar Sahib should learn from the memorial constructed of the Shaheeds of June 1984, that this was an attack on the Sikh Faith in an attempt to extinguish their unique identity. Visitors should learn of the massacres, pogroms and holocausts the Sikhs have undergone in these attempts at destroying the Sikh identity. For this reason, prior to construction, all organisations, great designers & architects of museums, historians and intellectuals, are all in need of consultation. This is to ensure that for time immemorial, this memorial remains intact to teach future generations of Sikhs and non-Sikhs what the Sikhs had to endure. This portrayal of the tyrant Indian government’s actions will then give the justice-loving people of the globe an opportunity to rightly condemn and be appalled of the treatment of the Sikhs by the Indian government.  The Sikhs can then be inspired to campaign for justice and their right to sovereignty, Khalistan. We will have to ourselves rise to achieve our aim of Khalistan, as those who arose to this task have now gone and attained Shaheedi. Now we have to repay this debt.

The oppressed Sikhs have only ever been successful in uprooting the aggressors when they have drawn their arms and by their might have crushed the oppressive regimes.  Numerous figures have featured in this glorious past, such as the Gurus, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur prior to and during the Sikh Rule, the Sikh Generals in the Misal Period & heroes like Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia & Sardar Bagel Singh, the reign of Maharajah Ranjit Singh (Sikh Rule) and the valiant warriors who fell, the great vanguard of this rule of Sardar Hari Singh Nalooaa and Sardar Shaam Singh Attari, the Gadhar Party, Babbar Akalis and the Singh Sabha Movement, the Shaheeds of 1978 and those of the Dharam Yudh Morcha & the sacrifices of those under the great leadership of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranvale in our fight for sovereignty. To remember those that have recently battled with every breath, for this right to self-determination, the likes of Shaheed Bhai Anokh Singh Babbar, General Labh Singh, Bhai Jugraaj Singh Toofan, Bhai Gurbachan Singh Manochahal and the thousands of freedom fighters who fell.  Whenever Sikhs have established sovereignty, they have issued new currency, spoke the sayings of the Khalsa, raised the Khalsa flags to fly high and as far as the Khyber Pass, protecting the nation from foreign invaders. These achievements and sovereignty were only realized  by the Khalsa Panth, as all Sikh organisations united under one banner, under the guidance of our Father Guru Gobind Singh’s teachings for the Khalsa to have self-respect and shine as a beacon of exemplary nature protecting the downtrodden and oppressed, through the power of the Amrit (immortal initiation nectar) and sword.  Our Panth’s history bears witness to the above examples and reasoning is not required to back up these real occurrences, you can yourself read our history and learn of these immortal truths.

Khalsa Jee the aggressors in each time period were uprooted by the sword of the Khalsa and an eternal truth of this achievement is that the Khalsa of the Guru, became armed in an organised manner and fought in the battlefield.  It was only then that the world witnessed these tyrant regimes bow in obedience to the Khalsa. That is why our Father Guru Gobind Singh stated, “Rule is achieved through arms.”

My brothers, no-one will ever give you your rights by asking for them – you have to fight for them. How are we to get our rights? What is the method or battle strategy to achieve this? All of this has been  answered by our Guru’s prior to the creation of the Khalsa (pre-dating 1699) and has been given to us in their own writings (Gurbani). If there is any fault or misgiving, it is only in us – the Sikhs. Until we read, understand and obey the Guru’s teachings, we will be treated like sheep, being pulled from pillar to post by those who rule over us.

Singho! To achieve our all important Panth’s rights – we will all have to unite organisationally and walk the path according to the Guru’s teachings (not my teachings). The war has begun, we have to pick up the sword, raise it to our chest and let it blaze. To maintain our national identity, the Khalsa has no easier or better option. With simple talk or speeches we cannot achieve anything on a Panthik level. In line with this, not heeding to anyone, Guru Sahib says,

“Some wander around, babbling on and on, but none obtain Him by babbling.”

(Guru Amar Das, 919)

So, obey, read and practice the Guru’s commands, unite as one force – to realise our birthright to self-determination – Khalistan. The whole Khalsa Panth should unite under the Kesri Nishan Sahib and this is the only thing we now await.

The above written is a translation of the letter and are not the words of Sikh24 editors.


  1. Agree with above. We need to regroup and organise ourselves. We need to separate our religious aspiration and our political ideals. Let our religious aspirations remain with the SGPC at Siri Harminder Sahib but let us unite and look for a dynamic leader with a vision who will guide us and bring us together as a nation. To achieve this we must separate these two issues and only then we can reach our goals. We should take leaf from the Ismaila community as guided by the Aga khan.

  2. As I had mentioned earlier we need to systematically and in organised manner fight for Khalistan. A nation will not survive let alone flourish without it’s own State. A nation without a State of its own is subject to another’s rule and law. It will have to endure shame and ridicule. What the Sikh Nation lacks right now is a leader, Brahmgiani and General like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale. We need him right now. Meanwhile we should focus on improving our own sikhi thorough Rehet, Seva and Gurbani. When we are spiritually strong, we will become fearless and be ready to go into battle. Right now the immediate battle is consolidate the sikh panth especially the youths who are drowned in alcohol and drugs. If the youth of a nation is weak, it cannot fight. The future of that nation is questionable.


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