Inauguration of Gym at Maximum Security Jail Nabha, Punjab

SOPW Team Delivering Gym Equipment

SOPW is proud to announce today that with the Sangat’s (Congregation’s) support and Waheguru’s (God’s) blessings, we are able to provide an update on the commitments announced on the press release dated 25th May 2012 (Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s Shaheedi Purbh / Imprisonment / Martyrdom):

On 18th June 2012, the SOPW India team was able to visit the Maximum Security Jail Nabha to inaugurate a fully fitted gym for all the inmates. This had been a longstanding request from the prisoners and it was during the Kirtan (religious hymn singing) and subsequent meeting with both the prisoners and the Jail Superintendent on 25th May 2012 that this as well as other needs were identified and committed to by SOPW.

Bhai Harminder Singh working out in Nabha Jail

It was with the cooperation and much needed funding from the UK Sangat, SOPW (UK) was able to provide the following pieces of equipment at MSJ Nabha:

1) Olympic Weight Bar

2) Lat Pulley

3) Seated Rowing Machine

4) Shoulder Bench Press

5) Leg Curl & Extension Machine

6) Hack Squat

7) Seated Calf Raise

8 ) Exercise Bike

9) Flat Incline Decline Benches x3

10) Weights up to 210Kg

11) Cable Crossover Machine

12) Linear Bearing Smith Machine and other pieces of kit.

The Jail Superintendent Gurpal Singh Saroya, his Deputy, alongside other jail staff was joined by representatives of many of the prisoners at the inauguration. This project required the support of the prison authorities in both at the concept stage – where permission was needed – as well at the project execution stage where many of the prison staff practically assisted in the construction of the gym.

The Superintendent thanked SOPW for delivering on its commitments within such a short time. SOPW also wishes to publicly endorse the positive support and cooperation in making, what normally would be dark and dull atmosphere, the prison a more hospitable and physically active place. This is in addition to last month’s commissioning of a water filtration system for the whole prison – we hope to see a marked improvement in the health of all prisoners.

Lastly, the SOPW India team prior to leaving the prison also assured the jail authorities that SOPW would in future also be both willing and ready for any such project where welfare of jail inmates was concerned.

With this in mind, we would like to both sincerely pass on the blessings from all the prisoners and their families for all the support YOU given them as well as request everyone to please continue to donate to these and many more projects we undertake.

We would not be able to undertake any of the above and other endeavours at SOPW without the kind patronage of everyone.


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