UK Youth Raise Awareness of Sikh Genocide through Social Media

LONDON, UK— Sikhs in the UK are once again preparing to mark the anniversary of the June 1984 Indian army invasion of their holiest place of worship. Harmandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple located in Amritsar, was invaded in an unprecedented Indian army action against a civilian population that resulted in massive casualties and wide spread human rights violations.

Every year for the past 27 years UK Sikhs have gathered in Hyde Park London for a protest march that ends with a rally in Trafalgar Square. This year is no exception with the rally taking place on the 10th of June. The rally makes vocal the Sikh demands for justice and has been seen as a show of solidarity and remembrance.

As times have changed and the Sikh diaspora have become more educated and media savvy, their methods of protest have also evolved. Young Sikhs have come together to found a charitable NGO and Think Tank called the National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF).

Representatives of NSYF informed Sikh Siyasat that this organisation, whose motto is; To Educate, Inspire and Unite, has become the platform for an innovative media campaign to highlight the events of June 1984. Utilising both social and physical media NSYF are attempting to create mass awareness. From the 1st to the 10th of June NSYF will be uploading one picture everyday at 0700 GMT via their twitter account @theNSYF centred around the hashtag #10DaysofTerror.

NSYF will be telling the story of June 1984 by recreating the major events of each day with a historic newsfeed, culminating in the release of a video to tie the campaign together.

THE NSYF have worked with artists and accompolished designers to create a unique information pack, containing a recreated military style ‘classified’ dossier, amongst other literature, all thoroughly researched and referenced to provide accurate and reliable information of the events of 1984. This pack will be available at the 10th June rally.

It is both interesting and refreshing to see young Sikhs actively involved in creating and setting media trends, that will allow them to reach a wider and younger audience.


  1. Dear Veer jiWaheguru Ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke FatehExcellent work. Congratulatioin to all of you. At last our Sikh cotuinmmy doing somegthing collectively. My husband is an Engineer and step daughter is a Lecturer in Business Management. If you need any Sewa please let us know on 1)Can normal public give their comments to this council. If yes, can you please clarify these: OR can normal sangat be this council members if yes what is the procedure.2) Would we have any access for help and advice or telephone number in case people have any problems/concerns etc.3) Would this council handle Gurdawara issues such as they are wasting public money (Gulok) for their own benefits such as elections, advertising for their elections materials, not doing anything for Parchar and also charging for kirtan, punjabi, gumat classes etc in the gurdawars. 4) Ill treatments for Gianis come from India (temporary bases). Recently one of them Giani Balbir Singh beaten up by two Gurdawaras and he is in hospital, police is involved and he has lost is mental balance.5) The so called Jathedars, presidents, Pardans of Gurdwaras not letting youngsters to come forward in Gurdawaras to involven inday to day chores, running the Gurdawara.6) Improving the kirtans and bringing the discussions, seminars in English etc. Otherewise the buildings will be left there but no youngsters will be in Gurughar.7) Sponsoring Gianis from India and the Management committee of gurdarawas charging 8-10 Laks Rupees to each to making their stay permanent here in UK by hook or crook. They ONLY sponsor from their areas in India. There should ban on election of Gurughars.9) Lots of Gurdwaras are out of order. We need a system to put them right.Thank for your help and support.Mrs Balbir Kaur Jaabbal

  2. Excellent initiative .
    Never let it die down until we get justice.
    Let the youngsters get involved in Gurdwaras too so that progressive steps can be taken to take our nation forward.
    Make every effort to save our unique religion and language.


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