Akhand Paat held in High School Gym to Raise Funds for School Dance

Surrey, BC, Canada—An akhand paat sahib was started this morning at Tamanawis Secondary School here. Against acceptable norms or maryada, the akhand paat is being held in the school gym.


Although it seems that  a lot of respect has been given for Guru Granth Sahib maharaj jee’s saroop, according to Panthik norms it is still not acceptable to bring Guru Sahib’s pavittar saroop into a school gym where meat is served, dances take place and music with dirty lyrics is played—and most importantly, where alcohol may have been consumed.

When a reporter asked why the Akhand Paat Sahib was being organized, the response given was so the school can raise money for Dry Grad. Dry Grad is a function put on for the graduating students of the school for that respective year. At this function, which lasts from anywhere from 6pm to 6am, there is dancing, games, and although it is not allowed many students come drunk and high.

The akhand paat sahib is being done to raise money for a function that seems to go against the grain of Sikh principles and ideals. Some Sikhs we spoke with said that this akhand paat should not and cannot happen. A few gurmat oriented Sikhs from the area knew about the akhand paat sahib prior to Friday morning, but they could not prevent the akhand paat sahib from happening.

The akhand paat sahib’s bhog will be around 10 am Sunday morning and gursikhs plan on ensuring that respect is upheld throughout the program and then working with the school to try and prevent it in the future. Sikhs are urged to contact the school in a polite manner to make their voices heard, the phone number is +1 (604) 597-5234 and the Principal,Ms. Margaux Molson, can be reached by e-mail at molson_m -at- sd36.bc.ca .


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