#IPledgeOrange Success

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

Today an amazing thing occurred and I just wanted to spread the word. As we all know, the Sikh Panth was encouraged to wear Orange to show solidarity and support for Balwant Singh.

This led a few Sikhs at my 6th Form to wear Orange to school today and encourage our friends to also participate via facebook, twitter etc. However, a common problem the night before was the fact that some people in our friend circle did not have any orange clothing and so we decided to cut up some orange cloths and use them as wristbands (like we do at the local Sikhi camps). Our thoughts were that not many people would participate and so we only cut up about 30 wristbands. Also in preparation for today, we printed out approximately 20-25 leaflets on Balwant Singh so we could just hand out a few to educate people on our cause.

But, when the magic of the day came when we entered school together, all wearing orange, the atmosphere was charged—people we have never spoken to came up to us to ask what the orange was about, basically what we were standing up for.

We explained, handed out our 20 leaflets, gave a few wristbands to people, and then to our utter surprise, we had realised the whole 6th form was talking about #ipledgeorange and wanted to a). know more b). help give out leaflets, c). wear orange d). talk about Balwant Singh and the lack of Justice in India.

As a result of this, we had to print out more than 100 leaflets, cut up more orange cloths. The end product? Our entire 6th form wearing Orange and talking about Raojana Sahib and how India was not the democratic country it pretends to be.

The effect of this as you can imagine was amazing, we had teachers questioning and wondering what all the orange was about, youngsters wanting to be involved and a general determined atmosphere in College. I even overheard non-Sikhs explaining to others how Raojana Sahib was not a terrorist but a man fighting for the freedom of Sikhs and Justice for all in India. I don’t know about you, but to have a Muslim or an Atheist talking about this issue and supporting Sikhs—it was a big thing.

For me the best thing for today was simply walking around school and seeing the orange on display. It sent out a loud and clear message: that the human race is still good, we still care about moral issues and when a push comes to a shove, we will walk on the same path to achieve a common goal. I think maybe, this is what Khalistan is—not a place, but a state of mind—where all Sikhs are united under the Nishan Sahib and the instruction of Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

And so in conclusion, a simple thing such as #ipledgeorange can cause a major shift in education and opinions for people who were once not educated on issues facing Sikhs in India. So to all those who pledged orange, thank you. For those who have yet to pledge orange, there is time left. A small action can create a big effect.

Just my opinion, I apologise if I have said anything you do not agree with.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

Editor’s Note: To learn more about the #iPledgeOrange Project, see the Social Media Campaign Guidelines


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