Punjab on High Alert as Two Sikhs Shot Dead by Police

Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh (18) of Gurdaspur, March 2012
Shaheedi Roop of Ranjit Singh, Shot dead by Punjab Police, March 2012

GURDASPUR, Punjab—The entire state of Punjab is on high alert and the town of Gurdaspur is on curfew as reports have been received of two innocent youth being shot dead by the

Punjab Police.  The incident took place after Sikh Sangat had gathered at the Gurdwara Sahib on Tibri road in Gurdaspur after Shiv Sena terrorists had burned an effigy of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.  Jaspal Singh, aged 18, of Sidhwan (Gurdaspur) was proclaimed dead at the scene and Ranjit Singh, also from Gurdaspur, received a bullet shot to the chest and passed away at the hospital.

Violence has also occurred in other towns, including Patiala, Phagwara and Amritsar as right-wing Shiv Sena terrorists are misusing the situation in Punjab to launch attacks on Sikhs who are peacefully protesting the detainment of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.  The Punjab Government had deployed over 60,000 troops throughout Punjab to ensure peace but all of the energy is being used against the Sikh community as usual.  Although Shiv Sena extremists have taken the law into their own hands, the Police have mainly only arrested Sikhs.

Shiv Sena Burning Kesri Dastar

In Amritsar Sahib alone, over two dozen Sikhs were taken into police custody.  Shiv Sena had declared that they would burn an effigy of Bhai Rajoana near Sri Harmandir Sahib.  Shiv Sena terrorists were spotted carrying guns in public in Amritsar Sahib.  In Patiala, five Sikhs had to be admitted to Rajindra Hospital after clashes with Shiv Sena aided by the Punjab Police at the Arya Samaj Chownk.

Giani Gurbachan Singh Shamelessly Celebrating Bhai Rajoana "Clemency"

No direction is coming from any of the Takhts as all the Jathedars are watching the bloodshed as mute spectators.  Many of the Sikh leaders who had expressed solidity with Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana have been arrested by the Punjab Police as per an order from the State Government. Those arrested include S. Simranjit Singh Mann, Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal, Bh. Daljit Singh Bittu, Bh. Harpal Singh Cheema, Bh. Paramjit Singh Gazi, Gurinder Pal Singh Dhanola, and others.


  1. No Sikh should be shot for protesting against there will , rajoana has many supporters , the police can’t kill all of them so they just have to face the fact that they can’t do anything cause as soon as they shot a Protester there just gunna cause bigger riots

  2. http://youtu.be/ga_bnIdrV0M

    A Sulute to Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh (Gurdaspur, Punjab)
    The hardest thing for any parent is for them to see the dead body of their young son..its even harder to accept when he was killed for peacefully protesting!! Bhai Jaspal Singh aged 18 was shot dead this morning by the Punjab Police whilst protesting against the death sentence given to Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana!!

  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,
    Ardas for 2 Beloved of Gurujio…heartfelt condolences to families:
    ਸੰਤਨ ਕੇ ਬੰਧਨ ਕਾਟੇ ਹਰਿ ਰਾਇ ॥ संतन के बंधन काटे हरि राइ ॥ Sanṯan ke banḏẖan kāte har rā▫e. The Sovereign Lord King has cut away the bonds of His Saints.
    ਤਾ ਕਉ ਕਹਾ ਬਿਆਪੈ ਮਾਇ ॥ ता कउ कहा बिआपै माइ ॥ Ŧā ka▫o kahā bi▫āpai mā▫e. How can Maya torment them?
    ਕਹੁ ਨਾਨਕ ਜਿਨਿ ਧੂਰਿ ਸੰਤ ਪਾਈ ॥ कहु नानक जिनि धूरि संत पाई ॥ Kaho Nānak jin ḏẖūr sanṯ pā▫ī. Says Nanak, who have obtained the dust of the feet of the Saints,
    ਤਾ ਕੈ ਨਿਕਟਿ ਨ ਆਵੈ ਮਾਈ ॥੫॥੧੯॥੮੮॥ ता कै निकटि न आवै माई ॥५॥१९॥८८॥ Ŧā kai nikat na āvai mā▫ī. ||5||19||88|| Maya does not draw near them. ||5||19||88||
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


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