Historical Delhi Gurdwara Becomes Battle Ground for Sarna Goons

Police Force Outside Gurdwara Bala Sahib, Delhi

New Delhi—A violent clash took place at Gurdwara Bala Sahib in Delhi between goons of Paramjit Sarna and local Sikh Sangat. Although the local Sangat was accompanied by Sarna rivals, the main reason behind their opposition to Sarna was his involvement in the illegal allotment of Gurdwara land to a private firm. As per plans by the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC), it is going to use the Gurdwara land to construct a hospital there.

The clash between the two groups was not negligible; it involved the Delhi police coming to control both groups. It has been learned that Paramjit Sarna’s supporters had gathered to partake in “bhoomi pooja” (a Hindu ritualistic ground breaking ceremony) at the Gurdwara. Local Sikhs arrived at spot to inquire about the plans but they were met with a surprise attack from those present inside the Gurdwara. Supporters of Paramjit Sarna pelted the Sikh Sangat which was trying to enter the Gurdwara premises. This did not however stop the locals, as they returned Sarna’s attack in a similar fashion. The entire situation remained tense even after intervention by the police. Although attacks were made by both sides, apparently the police has only filed FIRs against the opposition group.

The opposition detailed that Paramjit Sarna’s brother, Harbinder, had illegally transferred ownership of the Gurdwara’s land to a private firm named BL Kapur Memorial Hospital. They alleged that the firm belongs to none other than the Sarna brothers.  It has been learned that along with Sarna’s supporters, several members of local Hindu community were also present at the Gurdwara to carry out the “bhoomi pooja” ceremony.

Paramjit Sarna has however denied these allegations, only to detail that “in time the truth will come out.” He however put blame for the violence on Avtar Makkar, who he alleged as the main conspirator in the chaos. Sarna also denied the allegations of carrying out “bhoomi pooja” and alleged that the organized rituals were carried out as per Gurmat principles.

Sadly although the move to oppose Sarna was initiated solely by local Sikh Sangat, now it has become a battle between the Akali Dal (Badal) and Akali Dal (Sarna). Although the Badal Dal is staunchly opposing Sarna’s vested interests in Gurdwara land allotment to a private firm, it is no better than the Sarna brothers in Delhi. In the end, both will fulfill their interests, leaving the Sikh community to suffer.

Sarna Attack on Sangat at Bala Sahib
Watch this video on YouTube.

Video footage of the Clash, Courtesy: Proud Khalsa (Delhi)


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