BREAKING: UN: France Turban Ban Violates Human Rights

Paris, France—In 2004, a ban on turbans began to effect Sikh children in France—they couldn’t attend public school wearing a turban. Shortly, the ban was more widespread and eventually overtook all facets of government services for young and old alike.

Around this time, Baba Ranjeet Singh was told he would have to remove his Turban if he wished to renew his French identity documents. To Sikhs, who helped liberate France in the World Wars, this was completely unacceptable and insulting.

UNITED SIKHS, a UN affiliated organisation, took Baba Ranjeet Singh’s case to French Courts and, after losing, finally turned to the United Nations.

This week, the UN Human Rights Committee ruled France had not made an acceptable argument for the banning of Sikh Turbans and, as such, France was in violation of Article 18 of the UN Charter on Human Rights.

The French Government has been given until this March to respond to the United Nations ruling and the Sikh community hopes they can work together to resolve the ban on Sikh Turbans.

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