Plight of Undocumented Immigrants Exposed in UK

—The Sikh Channel, UK has exposed the plight of undocumented immigrants from Punjab in the UK. The Sikh Channel showed depressing footage of illegal immigrants living under highways and footpaths. Many of them were shown living in harsh and cold weather in the freezing UK winter. What future these immigrants may have and what opportunities could be available to them are unknown.

The channel has not disclosed the exact location of these immigrants for their own protection, but the main problem exists in the Southall area. The Sikh Channel gave an overview of two such locations. During their first visit to a place they described as very hard to reach, a group of Punjabis, which included keshadaris, were reluctant to share their story with the channel host. They asked the Sikh Channel to leave and not cause further embarrassment. Many may have even felt humiliated by continued attempts by Sikh Channel to interview them. A very depressing video of a Sikh man whose leg was severely infected was also shown from this location. This person had no money and could not seek medical treatment. The Sikh Channel did not provide any clothing, medical or food supplies during this attempt, however there is news that clothing and food arrived there with efforts by the local Sangat.

At another location, more men were shown living in similar conditions. Their condition was very pitiful as many of them were not able to bathe in weeks. These people were more willing to speak with the Sikh Channel. Several men were shown drunk and expressed that they were forced to drink alcohol to save themselves from the harsh weather.

The plight of these immigrants has raised a few questions which the Sikh Channel also failed to gain an answer to:

  • How are these immigrants able to afford to buy alcohol when they have no or very little income?
  • An immigrant who was allotted a house by the UK Government continued to stay in such conditions. The reason is unknown.

These immigrants shared that they bathe in mortuaries and churches and eat at Gurdwaras. Though many said that most of the Gurdwaras are helpful, a few of them also said that they are refused langar at some of the Gurdwaras. Despite the host’s requests to not name any Gurdwara, fingers were pointed especially at the ostentatious Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara (Havelock Road) —which cost £17.5 million to build—for not providing the needy with langar.

The troubles faced by illegal immigrants cannot be expressed in words. They appealed to the Sikh Community living across the UK for help. They alleged that in the past many organizations pledged support but they did not return. The hope is that the fate of Sikh Channel’s claim of support is not the same and that the channel actually does something to help these immigrants instead of just raising issues to gain popularity amongst Sikh masses. One can see hundreds of jobless and homeless Punjabis roaming the streets of Southall looking for work, the problem is definitely enormous and needs immediate attention from the community.


  1. Why do you have to go to another country illegally and break their laws and enter their home uninvited? would you allow thousands of pakistanis to enter punjab illegally and live?

    You break the law, do things dishonestly and you want God to help you? Why would God help liars?

    Educate yourself, and migrate the right way like other honest people.You are not entitled to demand God’s grace, God’s grace is given to those who have tried their best to live honestly and worked hard the honest way in life.

    God is entitled to honest people and honest worship. Give that to Him first, and He will look after you

    Please dont destroy the lives of other Indians and live by honest values

    Thank you



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