CBI Seeks Death Penalty for Bhai Hawara

NEW DELHI—The CBI has challenged a court ruling by Punjab and Haryana High Court by seeking to carry out the death penalty for Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara. The CBI has appealed to the Supreme Court of India to convert Bhai Hawara’s life imprisonment sentence to the death penalty to be carried out as soon as possible as his crime is a rare case. Bhai Hawara’s death penalty was converted to life imprisonment on October 12, 2010 by the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

If the Supreme Courts overrules the sentence by Punjab and Haryana High Court, it will be a gross violation of the Indian Constitution. The Indian Constitution requires that the death penalty must be awarded within one year of being found guilty. This timeline has already passed, thus Jathedar Hawara’s life imprisonment cannot be overruled by the Supreme Court of India.

Bhai Hawara is facing life imprisonment for planning the August 31, 1995 bomb blast which killed the mass murderer and genocide mastermind Beant Sinh, former Chief Minister of Punjab. Beant Sinh was responsible for the murders of tens of thousands of Sikhs and the torture of many more. His rule in Punjab is labeled as one of the deadliest of all time.

A notice has already been served to Bhai Hawara by the Supreme Court following the plea by the CBI. The plea comes after the judicial system has tried to keep Bhai Hawara from a fair court trial. Authorities have been keen on holding his trial via a video conference system instead of actual court hearings. In addition, Bhai Hawara’s case came to light again when right wing Hindu terrorists failed to carry out a physical attack on him last month outside the Chandigarh Court complex.


  1. If Hindus succeed in killing Hawara they will never be forgiven in Sikh history and they will themselves be responsible for the consequences. Bhai Hawara only planned to remove the tyrant Rakash killer Beant Sinh who was put on the CM chair by Satan itself. And the manner he tortured Sikhs for demanding human rights exceeds the genocide carried out by any rascal. Killing such a demon is an act of Dharma not only for Sikhs but in all religions.


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