Ross St Elections: United Sikh Youth Gaining Significant Support

VANCOUVER, BC—The United Sikh Youth has submitted its slate to contest the election for Khalsa Diwan Society (Vancouver). Khalsa Diwan Society (Vancouver) is the Gurdwara Society with the richest history in all of North America.  Khalsa Diwan Society registered as a society in 1906 and opened the first gurdwara in North America in 1908. The United Sikh Youth slate pledges to restore the Khalsa Diwan Society (Vancouver) to its rightful place as a leading institution for Sikhs around the world.

Joga Singh Sangha, a prominent community leader and role model for young Sikhs is the presidential candidate on the slate. Other notable community leaders on the slate include Gurpal Singh Birak, a longstanding member of the Khalsa Diwan Society (Vancouver) committee, Devinder Singh Maan, former principal & founder of Guru Nanak Elementary School, and Rina Kaur Chawla, dedicated high school teacher. There are also a number of notable youth leaders on the slate such as Paneet Singh Kainth, an active leader involved in organizing numerous camps, conferences and other youth programs.

After consulting with the community, United Sikh Youth has released a five-point platform of change. The five points are: Unity, Sikhi, Family, Education and Seva. Each point has a number of specific proposals attached to it to ensure that United Sikh Youth lives up to its promise of bringing positive change to the Khalsa Diwan Society (Vancouver). The website was launched today as the official website of the campaign with details of the five point plan.

With all major court proceedings complete, the stage is now set for the Khalsa Diwan Society Vancouver election to take place on November 26th with advanced polling on November 15th. On November 3rd, Justice Anthony Saunders ordered the election to be carried out on the original date of November 26th without any further delays, dismissing a petition from another slate requesting the election be delayed.

Since submitting the slate, there has been unprecedented support from the community for the United Sikh Youth slate with community leaders from various organizations coming together in support of Joga Singh and the United Sikh Youth Slate.

United Sikh Youth is appealing to the community to rally behind community leader Bhai Joga Singh and a wave of new faces, new ideas, and a positive change for the community.


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