New Punjabi Song Aims at Exposing Punjab’s Politicians

Known for his provocative style of singing, Gippy Grewal has released yet another song which is deemed controversial. This time Grewal has taken an aim at the politicians of Punjab in his song which has received criticism from many political parties along with the SGPC. Although no fingers have been pointed directly at any individuals or organizations in Punjab, the song highlights the unholy nexus between the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal), Bhartiya Janta Dal (BJP) and the Sant Samaj.

The song points out how politicians in Punjab care less for the average people and care only to fulfill their family needs and desires. Grewal sings that while Guru Gobind Singh Ji sacrificed his family, these politicians only nurture their families at the expense of others.

The associated video for the song starts with Grewal riding on a bicycle to a Gurdwara Sahib where outside the politicians have set up a stage. During the political rally, Grewal sees a poor Punjabi man being mistreated by the egotistical politicians. Only then Grewal and local villagers (which include Gursikhs and also members of other religions) raise the Nishan Sahib and speak against the ills of today’s politics.

Although Gippy Grewal is not a practicing Sikh himself and many failings can be pointed out in his previous songs, there is much to take away from the song titled “Pariwar.” If all the people of Punjab join together, only then can the power hungry politicians be ousted from their positions. There is a need for revolution in the entire state of Punjab where tyranny has prevailed once again like the barbaric times of the Mughal emperors.

Singers like Grewal should be commended for their efforts to bring awareness of social issues which are affecting people of all backgrounds in Punjab. Not too long ago, Babbu Mann, another singer known for his provocative style of singing had released an album bashing the pseudo-saints of today. Although he was aiming at the Hindutva style of self-styled Gurus, the controversy that was sparked only created a bitter difference between many admirers of Baba Ranjit Singh “Dhadriawale” and fans of Babbu Mann. Had the Sikh leadership taken positive steps to praise Mann for his efforts singing against the pseudo-Gurudom, perhaps some positive actions could have resulted from the situation. It should be noted that in his album, Babbu Mann also praised the courageous Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara of Babbar Khalsa International and condemned Parkash Badal directly.

Video of the song titled “Pariwar” by Gippy Grewal


  1. Best effort done by this Brother(babbu mann does as well) to open our eyes. Oh no! Our eyes are already open? We already had enough & still are witnessing these politician liars -beaurocrat butchers-fake panth/saints nexus since 1980’s. Only need for us is to feel ashamed on our duty for SIKHI. Are we able to identify us as the Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh Ji? Our thousands of innocents been butchered in fake encounters, we lost our so many ‘KAUM DE HEERE’ and still losing them one by one, Punjab is turning in desert and cancer belt(as per soil & water). At this time, we need mass awareness to stand and protest for our ‘RIGHTS’ and ‘SAFETY’ which is not the case now anyway. This song also enlightens the fact that without UNITY, we will never achieve anything.


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