Wikileaks: US Government believes Tytler is Guilty

Jagdish Tytler
Mass Murderer Jagdish Tytler

New Delhi—Jagdish Tytler is a former Congress Party leader who is known to have personally led mobs to Sikh homes during the anti-Sikh genocides of November 1984. During this time, Sikhs were slaughtered in the streets by mobs who broke into their homes, raped the women and burned whole families alive with gasoline. Others were hacked to pieces after humiliating and degrading acts. Many Sikh homes and stores were looted and burned. The only other comparison in modern history is the Kristallnacht when the Nazi party in Germany committed similarly heinous crimes. The Congress party had a clear template to follow.

The Indian government stalled for decades to bring these people to trial for their crimes against humanity due to the government being complicit in the atrocities. Witnesses have been mysteriously disappeared, discounted or intimidated, and testimonies have been delayed. Jasbir Singh from California came forward in 2007 when the case was again dropped and said he was never contacted to testify. In 2008, when Tytler was to make a trip to the UK with an Indian Delegation, British MPs instructed Scotland Yard to arrest him for his crimes. He cancelled his trip. After stall tactics, the CBI ignored Jasbir Singh’s statements and closed the case in 2009.

In 2008, while the case was in the headlines, the American Embassy in New Delhi wrote, “During the 1984 anti-Sikh Pogroms, Jagdish Tytler played a particularly grotesque role, competing with local Congress Party leaders to see which wards could shed more Sikh blood (ref A). It is clear from the CBI’s actions that it is seeking to stall, delay and further drag out this 23-year old case. Some believe that it is doing the bidding of its current masters in the Congress Party for whom the party’s role in 1984 riots is highly embarrassing and they would like nothing better than to push the Tytler case under the rug for another 23 years. ”

It is clear that the corruption within the Indian Government and its investigative bodies doesn’t allow it to pursue prosecution of genocide, even with clear evidence and witnesses.

The full cable can be seen in the link below.


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