Italy Removes Sikh Turbans at Airports

Verona, Italy—Yesterday on 22nd August 2011, the removal of a Sikh’s turban was once again highlighted as Gurbax Singh Gulshan was stopped on his return flight from Italy to London and asked to remove his dastar. The Indian Government and Sikh NGO’s had widely reported that the Italian Government would now use alternative methods of screening at Airports in Italy as was the case in the UK.

Upon arriving at Verona Airport in Italy Gurbax Singh was stopped and asked to remove his turban or otherwise he would not be able to board. Having stood his ground, refusing to remove his turban, Gurbax Singh missed his flight back to the UK. Gurbax Singh had asked for alternative methods such as a security wand to be used but authorities refused.

The Sikh turban or dastar is held as a Sikh’s crown and represents piety, respect, courage and dignity. When a Sikh is asked to remove it, it is like asking another passenger to strip down to their underwear and pass through security. For amritdhari (baptised) Sikhs, the turban is mandatory and seen as an extension of their limbs.

Today Gurbax Singh is still in Italy and trying catch an alternative flight. Sikhs in Italy are being forced to remove their turbans or miss their flights. Security at airports in Italy are refusing to use handheld security devices.


  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    I went to Italy In June this year and also was asked to take off my Dastar at several airports. I Declined from which they then took me to a separate room and asked me to take off me dastar from which I declined. I was then searched with a security wand and passed through. I was stopped when going from Rome to Sicily and from Sicily to London (Palermo airport).


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