Youth Camp Attacked by Racist Thugs

ESSEX, UK—Aimed at children from 7 years on, today brings the annual Sikhi Camp held by Sikh Missionary Society Southall at Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College, Chigwell to a close.  The week long residential camp involves the overnight stay of 120 children. On Wednesday, 3rd August a major incident took place during which children at the camp sustained injuries and  property was damaged.

As reported by users on Sikhi based forums, around 5 thugs from a nearby estate walked into Khalsa College, Chigwell attacking one Singh who approached them asking why they were on private premises. They were then successfully forced out of the College premises by Camp volunteers and a fight broke out on the road outside the College. The situation was diffused by a passerby (claiming to be an off-duty policeman), who drove the thugs off in his 4 by 4.

Around an hour later the racist thugs returned this time with a large number of 20+ tooled with baseball bats, blocks of wood and other weapons. A small group of Sikh children from the camp were out on a nature walk and were verbally abused but managed to get back into the college. One of the elder sewadars had his car damaged as the group jumped on his bumper and bonnet.

What mainly happened then was a stand off between the gang of racist thugs and the Sewadars around the perimeter of the Khalsa College. The thugs hurled racial abuse “Pakis, Muslims, razors” and other  racists chants associated with the far right English Defence League (EDL). They were carrying weapons, intent on a fight, if not more. The Police finally turned up and arrested 2 of the racist thugs but the remaining were still adamant to carry on. The situation diffused as more Police intervened, however the gang remained in the area around the college.

As word got around in the Sikh Community in the evening, more than 50 local Sikhs turned up to provide security to the Kids Camp, something that should have been organised by the camp.

There is a very strong chance the local racist thugs may return in larger numbers and it was decided by local Singhs that a strong level of security is to be maintained at the college whilst the Sikhi Camp takes place until Sunday. The camp was organised by Sikh Missionary Society Southall and has been running for over 30 years. Organisers should have factored in issues relating to security seeing as they had so many children attending the camp under the age of 16.

Pictures of some of the racist thugs attacking and taunting Camp organisers and property at Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College.







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