India Media Maligns Sikh Image

FATEHGARH SAHIB—Jasbir S. Ahluwalia, the newly appointed Vice Chancellor of Guru Granth Sahib World University, was fired upon inside the University campus.  Ahluwalia was left badly injured in the attack and taken to PGI where he is reported to be in serious condition.

Although the Punjab Police have questioned various persons in relation to this case, only one arrest has been made so far.  Jora Singh, 47, a resident of Sangrur was picked up by the police in relation to the shooting.  Apparently, he has already confessed his crime in front of CIA staff. Punjab Police reported after the arrest of Jora Singh that he shot at Ahluwalia to express his anger over un-modest behavior and attire of university students.

Even before the revelations were made by the police, the Hindustan Times published a news story shortly after the incident hinting at the involvement of so-called Sikh ‘Militants’.  It even published that according to “Unconfirmed reports”, the assailant “raised pro-Khalistan slogans before leaving.”

What lead the Hindustan Times to post such baseless statements is evident and not different from the workings of any other Indian News Agency.  Just like in this case, the reason for the shooting had nothing to do with the Khalistan independence movement; the Hindustan Times didn’t care to verify any facts and linked the incident with Sikh freedom fighters.

Members of Sikh organizations had long opposed the appointment of Ahluwalia as chancellor of the University however the Badal Government, which has control over the operations of the University, didn’t care for the demands of the community.  Ahluwalia was installed chancellor despite numerous requests by well-known community members who alleged that only credited Sikh Scholars should be appointed to such high posts.  Although now fully acquitted by the court, Ahluwalia has been involved in various scandals in the past, including allegations of murder and rape.


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