SGPC Seeks Action Against RSS for Distorting Sikh History

AMRITSAR SAHIB—Taking strong notice of the distortion of Sikh history in books published by RSS’ Nagpur based Sri Bharti Parkashan, the SGPC president S. Gobind Singh Longowal has asked the Indian government and Maharshtra government to take action against the responsible authorities. Warning the RSS to put control over its anti-Sikhism actions, Longowal has asked them to immediately withdraw the books from market and seek an apology from Sikhs.

Sharing the development with Sikh24, the SGPC president S. Gobind Singh Longowal informed that he has written letters to the Union Human Resource Development Minister Sri Prakash Javadekar and Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Sri Devendra Fadnavis seeking action against the RSS backed publishers.

Longowal has said that the Sikh community respects every religion but it doesn’t mean that the other religions are allowed to portray Sikhism as part of their religion. He added that nobody would be allowed to distort Sikh history at any cost. “The SGPC is going to constitute a panel of Sikh intellectuals, Sikh educationalists and Sikh lawyers to tackle such attacks on Sikhism” he maintained.  

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  1. We are reaping what we sowed. has the SGPC stood up against the attack on our religion thru the propagating of Bachitter Natak this day would have never come. May be better late than never.