Political Prisoner Bhai Paramjit Singh Bheora Appeals for Panthik Unity; Expresses Concern over Crackdown on Activists

NEW DELHI—Sikh political prisoner Bhai Paramjit Singh Bheora who is facing charges for assassinating former Punjab Chief Minister Beant “Singh” today expressed deep concern over recent crackdown on Sikh activists by the Punjab and Indian Government. Bhai Bheora who said that situation seems to be getting out of hand as police brutalities are increasing day by day against Sikh human rights activists.

In a press note shared with Sikh24 through his older brother Bhai Jarnail Singh and Bhai Manpreet Singh, Bhai Paramjit Singh said, “Government is taking benefit of disunity in the Panth. Their only aim is to marginalize and eliminate the Sikhs.” He added, “There was one time when the Mughals thought that all Sikhs had been killed, however, Bhai Bota Singh and Bhai Garja Singh at once showed them that Sikhs cannot be eliminated merely by killing. Although they were just two Singhs, they stood strong against the Mughal army.”

“Mughals thought that Sikhs were eliminated, but here, they saw two Sikhs collecting tax from the Mughals for crossing their check-point.”

Bhai Paramjit Singh Bheora said that Bhai Bota Singh and Bhai Garja Singh were greatly outnumbered, but today Sikhs live worldwide in great numbers, however, “we are not able to achieve our goals as we are not united”.

He appealed all Sikhs to ensure their children are well educated. Citing recent examples of Sikhs appointed at high posts in UK and Canada, Bhai Bheora said that this was the need of the hour. “But even more important is maintaining unity amongst the Panth so that oppressive regimes are not able to cheat the Sikhs,” he said.

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