Op/Ed: Conspiracy to malign Trudeau’s image was pre-planned by India

Indian government did its best to malign and make Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau feel disgraced by offering a cold shoulder to him during his prime visit to India. As per pre-planned strategy, the mainstream Indian media projected Justin Trudeau as a sympathizer of sovereign Sikh state. Although all this propaganda was well planned but day by day, the reality of Indian government’s this plan is coming forth.

Jaspal Atwal standing outside the Indian Ministry of External Affairs during his recent visit to India

To make its claims strong about Justin Trudeau’s sympathy for a sovereign Sikh state, the Indian media projected a clean shaved person named Jaspal Atwal as a high profile Sikh militant. The mainstream Indian media aired wrong information about him that he succeeded in getting visa for India after 38 years by becoming a part of Trudeau’s delegation.

Sikh24 has learnt that although Jaspal Atwal was arrested for attacking a Cabinet Minister of Barnala led Punjab government and a former British Columbia’s premier Ujjal Dosanjh, but after certain time Jaspal Atwal improved his relations with the Indian consulate in Canada.

Although the Indian Minister of External Affairs said that Atwal’s name was removed from the black list last year but it has failed to explain how Jaspal Atwal paid visit to Indiain previous years. Sources have informed that Jaspal Atwal was first time granted visa for India in 1999 and after that he paid visit to India in 2002, 2007 and recently in August 2017.

Sources have informed that Jaspal Atwal acted as an Indian government’s marionette during Trudeau’s visit. It has come to fore that a senior officer of Indian Consulate in Canada remained all time present around Trudeau during his eight days visit as he was specially instructed for it.

Jaspal Atwal with Sophie Trudeau

The Indian government used Jaspal Atwal by arranging his photograph with Trudeau’s wife Sophie Trudeau and then making it public for a short time as per pre-planned strategy. It is interesting to note here that a media official of Indian government firstly made this photograph public from a profile for short and then removed it after two hours.

Sources have further informed that this media official and the senior officer of Indian consulate arrived in India on February 10 while Jaspal Atwal arrived on February 11 as all this was pre-planned.

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