Tytler’s Confessions: Captain Amarinder Singh Comes Forward in Rajiv Gandhi and Jagdish Tytler’s Defense

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—As Jagdish Tytler is facing pressure after his 1984 confessions went viral, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has come forward to defend Rajiv Gandhi by terming him innocent. Captain Amarinder Singh’s statement is being seen as an attempt to prove his loyalty towards the Gandhi clan. In the videos released by Manjit Singh GK, Jagdish Tytler had stated that Rajiv Gandhi had take a tour of various areas in Delhi where Sikhs were massacred.

Interacting with media, Captain Amarinder Singh has tried to prove Rajiv Gandhi innocent by saying that Rajiv Gandhi was in West Bengal at the time of Indira Gandhi’s assassination. He has further claimed that the genocide of Sikhs was started much earlier before the arrival of Rajiv Gandhi in Delhi.

It is pertinent to note here that Indira Gandhi was assassinated in the morning hours of October 31, 1984 however the genocide of Sikhs in Delhi was started on November 1, 1984. Captain’s claim doesn’t seem reliable as it is unbelievable that it took 24 hours for Rajiv Gandhi to arrive in Delhi from Calcutta in a plane. Further, the Nanavati Commission had also reported that maximum casualties occurred in areas traversed by Rajiv Gandhi during 1984 Sikh genocide.

Captain has also accused his political rival Sukhbir Badal of misrepresenting Jagdish Tytler’s statement about Rajiv Gandhi. He has said that Tytler talked about putting control over Sikh genocide in Delhi along with Rajiv Gandhi but his statement is being misrepresented. “Rajiv Gandhi had directed all the party legislators to go back into their constituencies and put control over the situation,” he claimed. 

Meanwhile, former Supreme Court lawyer Advocate HS Phoolka has slammed Captain Amarinder Singh for cooking a fake story to defend Rajiv Gandhi. He has clarified that Rajiv Gandhi had arrived in Delhi by 4 pm of October 31, 1984 and he went straight to AIIMS where dead body of the assassinated Indian PM Indira Gandhi was kept.

Advocate HS Phoolka has said that genocide of Sikhs was started in Delhi after Rajiv Gandhi underwent meeting with the Congress leaders. He added that a detailed plan was chalked out in this meeting by the Congress partymen to genocide Sikhs in Delhi.

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  1. It is amazing to see how power corrupts. No wonder Sikhs in Diaspora dislike Amarinder. All the evidence of past thirty plus years show the collusion of Rajiv and Tytler in the genocide of Sikhs in 1984 and he still defends them.

  2. amarinder singh has become a slave of congress like badal of the bjp and rss he defended kps gill,beant singh and now rajiv gandhi

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