Karnataka Professor Issues Legal notice to Radio and TV Channels for Destroying Punjab’s Culture

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—A legal notice to TV channels and radio stations across Punjab has been issued by Karnataka native Prof. Panditrao Dharenavar. Prof. Dharenavar is a lecturer by profession at the Government College in Chandigarh. While he hails from Karnataka, he has done much work for the Punjabi language and Sikh religion while working in Punjab.

File Photo: Prof. Dharenavar promoting Punjabi language during a campaign in Chandigarh

In his legal notice, he has asked TV channels and radio station broadcasting companies to stop representation of songs containing vulgar, alcoholic and language glorifying criminals.

“I hereby request you not to play Vulgar, Alcoholic and Weaponry songs which instigate youngsters to behave in violent and disrespectful . These kind of songs show disrespect to women and Jatt community which is grass violation of Constitutional Article 51a(e) and Article 47,” the legal notice reads.

“These kind of songs also violate different sections of IPC and Cyber Crime laws. The songs being played repeatedly by your TV Channel violates Rule 7 of the CABLE TELEVISION NETWORKS RULES, 1994. Playing such kind of songs on public platform like TV Channel is clear violation of Broadcasting Acts, Rules and regulations,” it adds.

Prof. Dharenavar told Sikh24 that a Public Interest Litigation ( CWP-27011-2016) is under the purview of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The PIL has asked the court to take necessary measures to curb vulgar, alcoholic and songs glorying weaponry.

In his notice, Prof. Dharenavar added that he would file lawsuit against any TV station or radio channel that does not stop promoting evils which are destroying our community.

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