Interview with HS Phoolka on imposition of Anand Marriage Act-2012 in Delhi

NEW DELHI—Former Supreme Court lawyer and serving Punjab legislator Advocate Harvinder Singh Phoolka has welcomed the imposition of Anand Marriage Act-2012 in Delhi. He has said that even though Sikh couples will be able to get their marriages recognized as per Sikh customs, the act doesn’t define the term “Sikh” at all.

His interview in this concern is being presented here for Sikh24’s audience.

Advocate Harvinder Singh Phoolka

Question: How do you see the imposition of Anand Marriage Act-2012 in Delhi?

Answer: Anand Marriage Act-2012 was passed several years ago by the Union government of India. All the state governments were asked to impose this act in their state by setting framework of rules at that time.

Some states, who have set the rules for this act, are implementing this act one by one but some states are still working on it.

The Delhi state government has now set the rules for Anand Marriage Act-2012, so the Lieutenant General of Delhi has recommended its imposition in the national capital of India.    


Question: How much time it will take to get Anand Marriage Act-2012 implemented properly in Delhi?

Answer: See, everything is now set for the implementation of Anand Marriage Act-2012 in Delhi. Only the notification for it by the state government of Delhi is being awaited now.


Question: How much importance does this Act holds for Sikhs?

Answer: Till date, marriages of Sikh couples were being recognized as per Hindu Marriage Act but their marriages will get recognition as per Sikh Anand Marriage Act-2012.

NRIs had to face several problems in paper work due to registration of their marriages as per Hindu Marriage Act but their problems will be resolved with the imposition of this act.


Question: Do the Sehajdhari Sikh couples or non-Sikh couples will be able to get registered their marriages under this act?

Answer: Any couple, who got tied in the wedding knot as per Sikh customs, will be able to get registered the marriage under this act.  


Question: How would the registering authorities will get confirmed about the genuineness of marriage?

Answer: The registering authorities will trust the genuineness of marriage on the basis of Marriage Certificate issued by the Gurdwara Sahib authorities where marriage occurred.


Question: Does this act act as a key for defining a Sikh?

Answer: No, the Anand Marriage Act-2012 won’t define a Sikh. It will only recognize the marriages occurred as per Sikh customs.


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