Sikhs for Justice Terms Decision to Ban Indian Officials in US Gurdwaras “Historic”

NEW YORK, USA—Citing 1984 genocidal violence, denial of medical treatment to Akal Takht Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara and labeling of Sikhs as Hindus under Art (25), the management committees of 96 Gurdwaras across America in an unprecedented decision passed a resolution banning the entry of Indian diplomats and of those individuals representing Indian interests in the Gurdwaras and their participation in Nagar Keertans. 

The January 6th resolution was spearhead and moved by the Sikh Coordination Committee of East Coast (SCCEC) and American Gurdwara Prabhandik Committee (AGPC), the two largest umbrella organizations of Sikh Gurdwaras and backed by Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) a human rights advocacy group which is seeking a non-binding referendum in the State of Punjab to create a Independent Sikh country “Khalistan”.

Supporting the ban, SFJ legal advisor Gurpatwant Singh Pannun stated “The diplomats represent the same Indian government which is responsible for the genocidal violence of Sikhs and has given impunity to Indian police officials who have committed torture and extra judicial killings of Sikhs”.

On the question of enforcing the ban of Indian diplomats attorney Pannun stated that the presence and participation of Indian diplomats in Gurdwaras cause the members of the persecuted Sikh community to relive the same trauma yet again, that they had suffered at the hands of the very same Indian government that these diplomats represent” and we will also initiate legal proceedings against those Indian diplomats who will try to defy this ban.

“Indian Government is responsible for the June 1984 military invasion of Sri Harmandir Sahib; genocidal violence against Sikhs in November 1984; and decade long extra judicial killing of Sikhs in Punjab” states the resolution read by Himmat Singh the Coordinator of SCCEC before the Sikh gathering at Gurdwara in Richmond Hill, NY.  

“This historic decision of banning the entry of Indian diplomats will also expose those Sikh community members and organizations who have been supporting the Indian regime for the last three decades” added Himmat Singh.

 “Under the cover of “community outreach”, the Indian diplomats are creating an atmosphere of intimidation among the Sikhs who have taken refuge US, Canada, England and European nations from India’s constant persecution”, stated Avtar Singh Pannu, member AGPC.

“After US we will campaign to ban the entry of Indian diplomats across European nations also as activities of the Indian diplomats have created disharmony and discontent among the peaceful Sikh community”, added Avtar Singh Pannu.

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