High Court Issues Notice to SGPC for Excommunicating HS Dilgeer Over Controversial Remarks

File Photo: HS Dilgeer

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Acting on a petition moved by Harjinder Singh Dilgeer, the Punjab & Haryana High Court bench headed by Justice Rajan Gupta today issued notice to the apex Sikh body Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhik Committee asking it to lodge reply till November 29.

HS Dilgeer had moved a petition in the Punjab & Haryana High Court against his excommunication by the SGPC appointed Takht Jathedars. In the petition, Dilgeer claimed that four out of the total five Takht Jathedars were not having any right to excommunicate anyone from the Sikh community. He has said in the petition that the duty of Takht Jathedars was only to ensure proper imposition of Sikh code of conduct and they can’t address any political verdict.

HS Dilgeer was excommunicated by the SGPC appointed Takht Jathedars after the Sikh intellectuals had objected over some of his articles and complaints in this concern were sent to Sri Akal Takht Sahib authorities. Initially, Dilgeer was summoned at Sri Akal Takht Sahib but he didn’t appear before the Takht Jathedars following which he was excommunicated.

Dilgeer’s work came to prominence after he worked under the SGPC to work on a Sikh encyclopedia.  He also penned a book on Sikh martyrs from the 1980s.  However, very recently, his work has included much controversy, where he has targeted organizations like the Damdami Taksal and challenged its authenticity.

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  1. Dilgeer is a historian. I would say a decent one to come along after long time. The duty of SGPC is to get facts together and prove him wrong as this brainless organisation couldn’t do that so they resort to excommunications as they did to ragi Darshan Singh and others and Sikhs are paying the price.

  2. SGPC should be excommunicated by all Sikh Sangat – they are masands controlling our Gurdwaras = therefore HS Dilgeer is taking right steps and let us see if SGPC come up with any answers if at all on 29th November.

  3. The not so intelligent people in charge of the SGPC do not seem to be aware of the order of our beloved tenth Guru who told us to follow the Guru Panth that acts under the teachings of the Guru Granth. Sikhs are not obliged to follow Jathedars (with or without jathas), Babas or Jathabandis. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer has explained how the sarbat khalsa of the 12 misls worked and what role panj piare and the Jathedar of the Budha Dal played until Ranjit Singh replaced it by one-man-rule.

  4. “SGPC should be excommunicated by all Sikh Sangat. they are masands controlling our Gurdwaras ” The true necessity described by Bibi Surinder Kaur. Great thinking.

    Today, there is no Akal Takhat and no true and honest Jathedar. These are puppets of a very corrupt family. Had it been the same Khaals (pure) institute, Punjab would have been a self sufficient state. There wouldn’t have been no poverty, suicides, uneducated population or caste system.

    Sikh sangat donates their hard earned money with great respect to our very reverend GURU SHEBAAN. The amount is so big that it can cover/cure all the destitution in Punjab. The very opposite is happening and ONE FAMILY with their puppets are looting for their ill purposes. Sikh sangat should donate to other useful, good, honest organisations like Pingalwarha and poor NGO’s serving Punjabi public. Their money can work wonders for Punjab and it’s poor. The thing is blind faith/andhwishwas is heavier than every thing else for us Sikhs, so they keep heaping the dishonest s’ banks.

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